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Destiny 2
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Destiny 2 Expunge mission won't give Pinnacle rewards until June 15

The mission which debuted with week 3 of Season of the Splicer has confused players as it doesn't drop gear that was promised.
Bungie has confirmed Pinnacle rewards will come to the latest Destiny 2 weekly mission, Expunge, coming 15th June, they have confirmed via social media following confusion from players who were under the impression that rewards would be available as soon as the mission debuted.

"The weekly Expunge mission was advertised as a 'Weekly Pinnacle Mission,' however it will not grant Pinnacle rewards until the weekly challenge is added on June 15th. We are updating our articles and calendars to reflect this," Bungie tweeted out.

During Bungie's reveal of Season of the Splicer's roadmap, Expunge was marked down as a weekly pinnacle mission set to start on 25th May. While the mission is now available, you cannot get Pinnacle gear from it.

expunge pinnacl mission
(Picture: Bungie)

It seems Destiny 2 fans will have to wait a few more weeks before Expunge becomes a more rewarding endeavor, even if it's a fun side activity to tackle regardless.

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