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Destiny 2 October 26 weekly reset: Festival of the Lost, Nightfall, and more

The last week of Festival of the Lost is here, get the rundown on every new activity with the current weekly reset.
Destiny 2 October 26 weekly reset: Festival of the Lost, Nightfall, and more

Rise and shine, Guardians, it's Tuesday, and that means it's time for the scheduled weekly reset in Destiny 2.

For those uninitiated and unfamiliar with the game, every Tuesday at 10am PT/6pm GMT, Bungie decides to reset every activity reward, change challenges, singes, and rotate weekly playlists, ensuring a new batch of Pinnacle Gear to chase for those religiously playing the game.

This week, we continue to grind candy for the Festival of the Lost seasonal event before it ends on 2nd November, on top of this, there are plenty more ways to get your hands on pinnacle gear.

Destiny 2 26th October weekly reset

festival of the lost
Final days to celebrate Halloween. (Picture: Bungie)

Without further ado, this is what you can expect from the weekly Destiny 2 reset for 26th October.

Festival of the Lost's final week

As we've mentioned, this is the final week of Festival of the Lost 2021, if you're still behind on candy or are jumping in for the first time, check out our guide to help you complete Haunted Lost Sectors quicker.


This week's Nightfall is one of the hardest in the entire game, The Corrupted, which takes place in The Dreaming City.

Grandmaster Nightfalls have been available for a couple of weeks now, so if you're looking forward to one of the hardest pieces of content Destiny 2 has to offer, there's no better time to do so.

The GM Nightfall modifiers are

  • Epitaph
  • Unstoppable Champions
  • Overload Champions
  • Chaff
  • Contest
  • Join In Progress Disabled
  • Mob Champions
  • Locked Loadout
  • Match Game
  • Extra Shields
  • Extinguish
  • Limited Revives
  • Sedia's Durance

For more information, check out our weekly Nightfall article detailing rewards as well.


crucible mode weekly reset destiny 2
Have you gotten Ager's Scepter? (Picture: Bungie)

For those looking to jump into PvP, the weekly rotation now includes Clash, a simple team deathmatch style with fire teams of six Guardians each.

Completing three matches will give you pinnacle gear so don't forget to jump into Crucible this week.

Eclipsed Zone and Simulation challenge

For those looking to spend some time on Europa, head out to Asterion Abyss to find the Eclipsed Zone this week, meanwhile, the current Simulation challenge is Agility, one of the easiest in the entire rotation.

Vault of Glass challenge

Finally, the VoG raid weekly challenge is Ensemble's Refrain, which requires each member of a fireteam to take down an Oracle during the Atheon fight.

Doing so will net you a guaranteed Timelost weapon, which has a total of four perks in columns three and four.


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Featured image courtesy of Bungie.