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Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer: All new weapons and how to get

Season 14 of Destiny 2 is almost here, bringing new weapons into the world of Bungie's looter shooter.
Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer: All new weapons and how to get

One of the most exciting new things about seasons in Destiny 2, on top of grinding the season pass and checking out all the new activities it offers, is the plethora of guns that are added into the loot pool, especially newly designed ones. 

With Season of the Splicer, Bungie has confirmed a batch of unique-looking weapons, as well as fan-favourites that are making a comeback from Destiny 1. 

While we don't have the specifics for each gun, we do know some information regarding how to acquire them coming into Season of the Splicer.

Let's run you through everything you need to know about the new Season of the Splicer guns in Destiny 2.

Destiny Season of the Splicer - New weapons

destiny 2 season of the splicer weapons

In the most recent TWAB update, Bungie laid plans for upcoming weapons in Season of the Splicer. Activities like Gambit, Crucible, Strikes, and the new seasonal activity will have their own set of unique drops, so will the Nightfall version of Strikes.

Here's the breakdown:

  • Four new guns per activity will be available through Gambit, Strikes, Crucible, and Override.
  • The Season Pass will have three weapons, including the exotic Stasis side-arm
  • Three returning weapons added to the Nightfall rotation.
  • One seasonal quest

Of course, Bungie has teased more further down the line.

Season of the Splicer- Season Pass weapons

A total of three weapons are available.

Cryosthesia 77K exotic sidearm 

Cryosthesia 77K exotic sidearm

The gun is immediately unlocked after purchasing the premium version of the season pass, but will also unlock at level 35 of the free track.

We have a breakdown of the weapon including its perks, check it out here.

Two more guns are up for grabs:

  • Shattered Cipher Heavy Machine Gun - Season Pass level 30
  • Soujorner's Tale Shotgun - Season Pass level 45

Season of the Splicer- Null Composure Fusion Rifle 

null compolsure fusion rifle

As per usual, a new season brings a day 1 quest for players to earn new equipment, with the Null Composure Fusion Rifle ready to make its debut.

We'll update with the quest steps as soon as possible.

Season of the Splicer- Nightfall rewards

nightfall weapons season of the splicer

Set on a weekly rotation, three familiar guns will make their return from Destiny 1, including the mighty Hung Jury scout rifle, which many veterans remember fondly.

The three weapons available from the Nightfall are:

  • Hung Jury Scout Rifle
  • Plug One.1 Fusion Rifle
  • Uzume RR4 Sniper Rifle

These weapons are also available as Adept weapons for finishing Grandmaster Nightfalls.

Season of the Splicer- Crucible, Override, Gambit, and Strike weapons

destiny 2 activity weapon

As we've said, four new guns are up for grabs as rewards on all these PvE and PvP activities as well as Umbral Engrams.

Season of the Splicer Gambit weapons

  • Borrowed Time Submachine Gun

Season of the Splicer Crucible weapons

  • Survivor's Epitaph Hand Cannon

Season of the Splicer Strike weapons

  • Empty Vessel Grenade Launcher

Season of the Splicer Override weapons

  • Chroma Rush Auto Rifle
  • Ignition Code Grenade Launcher
  • Farewell Sidearm
  • Gridskipper Pulse Rifle

Season of the Splicer World Pool weapons

These guns are available as random drops, Prime, and Umbral Engrams.

  • Crown Splitter Titan Sword
  • Quickfang Hunter Sword
  • Eternity's Edge Warlock Sword
  • The Number Auto Rifle
  • Pleiades Collector Scout Rifle
  • The Deicide Shotgun
  • The Vision Sidearm
  • Stochastic Variable Submachine Gun
  • Memory Interdict Grenade Launcher

Season of the Splicer Vault of Glass weapons

vex mythoclast

While the yet is not available, dataminers have found out the gear that will be a part of the rewards, which include the exotic Fusion Rifle Vex Mythoclast.

On top of the exotic gun, you'll be able to snag these:

  • Fatebringer Hand Cannon
  • Fatebringer Hand Cannon (Time lost)
  • Praedyth's Revenge Sniper Rifle
  • Praedyth's Revenge Sniper Rifle (Time lost)
  • Vision of Confluence Scout Rifle
  • Vision of Confluence Scout Rifle (Time lost)
  • Found Verdict Shotgun
  • Found Verdict Shotgun (Time lost)
  • Corrective Measure Machine Gun
  • Corrective Measure Machine Gun (Time lost)
  • Hezen Vengaence Rocket Launcher
  • Hezen Vengaence Rocket Launcher (Time lost)

For more information on the Timelost weapons, click in our dedicated guide.

Season of the Splicer Iron Banner weapons

  • Riiswalker Shotgun
  • Finite Impactor Hand Cannon
  • Occluded Finality Sniper Rifle
  • Archon's Thunder Machine Gun

Season of the Splicer Trials of Osiris weapons

  • Shayura's Wrath Submachine Gun
  • Shayura's Wrath Submachine Gun (Adept)

There you have it! There's still a lot of mystery surrounding Season of the Splicer, with fans hoping it leads to massive payoffs as the latest big expansion approaches.

If you want to check out the entire roadmap laid out by Bungie for Season of the Splicer, check out our breakdown right here.


All images courtesy of Bungie.

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