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Destiny 2 Season 17 patch notes - Increased vault space, progression, more

Bungie revealed a spoiler-free Destiny 2 Season 17 patch notes ahead of its launch featuring some exciting new changes.
Destiny 2 Season 17 patch notes - Increased vault space, progression, more

Destiny 2 Season 17 kicks on 24th May 2022, though sadly, we still don't know what it's called and what will it be about. As it turns out, Bungie is keeping Season 17 details wrapped until launch though the latest TWAB points out some of the key changes you can expect in the new season.

Previously, Bungie has discussed the PvP and Crucible changes coming in Season 17, and now it has revealed spoiler-free patch notes of bug fixes and changes arriving with the new season. With that said, here are all the spoiler-free changes included in the Destiny 2 Season 17 patch notes.

Destiny 2 Season 17 spoiler-free patch notes

vault space destiny 2 season 17
Bungie is increasing vault space in Destiny 2 Season 17. (Picture: Bungie)

From overhauling the game's UI to increasing vault space, Bungie is making a plethora of changes to Destiny 2 at the launch of Season 17.


  • Updated the Director navigation header to a new style to make it more scalable.
  • Fixed a visual bug on the Title Screen when playing with a screen aspect ratio greater than 16:9.
  • Fixed a logic bug that would sometimes show inaccurate informational text on the Bungie Name Change screen after a player had changed their name via Bungie.net.
  • Improved the consistency with which PlayStation and Xbox platform rosters update the online status of platform friends.

Dares of Eternity 

  • Increased Strange Coins earned from the reward chest in Dares of Eternity from 1 to 3.
  • This does not affect the number of Strange Coins earned from Lightning Round chests.

Power and Progression

  • Power Bands have been increased for the new Season:
  • Power Floor: 1350 (unchanged)
  • Soft Cap: 1510 (up from 1500)
  • Powerful Cap: 1560 (up from 1550)
  • Hard Cap: 1570 (up from 1560)
  • The Character Power Boost has been increased to 1510 with the new Soft Cap.

Vault Space

  • Vault space has been increased by 100 (was 500, is now 600).
  • While we know this doesn’t enable players to save every single piece of loot in the game, the team was able to pull some strings and get a little more space for your vaults as they continue to investigate future solutions.


xur destiny 2 season 17
Players can find the Agent of Nine even after the weekly reset every week. (Picture: Bungie)
  •  Xûr's inventory should no longer be different if players manage to find him at destinations shortly after the weekly reset happens on Tuesday.
  • He will still reappear with new gifts from the Nine when he returns at his regularly scheduled time on Friday.


  • Scorn sniper damage brought in-line (reduced) with other combatant sniper weapons.
  • Spread of projectiles increased to reduce instances of multiple projectiles hitting players.

That's everything included in Destiny 2 Season 17 spoiler-free patch notes. 

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Featured image courtesy of Bungie.

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