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How to complete Preservation in Destiny 2

Following the completion of the Vow of the Disciple raid, a new mission has been unlocked for all Destiny 2 The Witch Queen players.
How to complete Preservation in Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 Vow of the Disciple raid race was intense, if albeit tainted by connection issues. Ultimately, Clan Elysium and Saltagreppo claimed victory by beating Datto and his crew by mere minutes. 

Even if you didn't take part in the raid race itself, there's plenty of stuff to look forward to in Destiny 2. For one, the four final Void 3.0 fragments are now available for purchase, and a new mission is now available: Preservation. 

Completing it is a requirement in order to get your hands on the exotic class-exclusive Glaive, so let's get down to everything you need to know about it. 

How to finish Preservation mission in Destiny 2

Before you get to it, be sure to head to Mars and inspect the Evidence Board, which will have two more Reports at the ready. You need to pick up Report: PYRAMID-INSPECT to get access to Preservation.

destiny 2 preservation mission
Preservation unlocked after the raid completion. (Picture: Bungie)

Once you have this Report, you can find the mission over at the Throne World. The recommender Power Level is 1540, so make sure to grind a bit before heading into it.

If you've played the raid, the mission starts exactly like the initial encounter. 

Get the Overflowing Knowledge buff

Once you initiate the mission, clear the ads of the first section and the door with a Savathun logo will open up. As you get to the next section, you'll notice certain Darkness fragments of some sort laying around.

destiny 2 preservation
You have to pick nine of these. (Picture: Bungie)

You'll need to pick a total of nine fragments to earn the Overflowing Knowledge buff, which will let you activate a darkness vessel in this section, which you'll have to follow along a certain path.

This process is divided into three parts, each time you pick a Darkness fragment, the knowledge buff will change, going through three phases:

  • Heightened
  • Brimming
  • Overflowing

Once you charge the vessel three times, it'll start moving.

destiny 2 preservation
The darkness vessel will show up after you collect the fragments. (Picture: Bungie)

You'll have to do this multiple times. Don't worry about dying as you won't get wiped, take your time with the ads. You have to kill the yellow bar boss in order for the fragments to appear in each section. 

The encounter will finish once the vehicle reaches the inside of the Darkness Pyramid and the gates open.

destiny 2 darkness
Time to enter the Pyramid. (Picture: Bungie)

As soon as you enter the Pyramid, head to your left or right and drop down the big gap you see at the edge of the rooms. It might seem like there's no end to the fall but you'll eventually reach the insides of the Pyramid.

Traversing through the Acquisition side of the Pyramid should be simple as the path is rather straightforward. It's filled with some incredible backdrops so take your time enjoying the gloaming feel of the structure while you're at it.

Eventually, you'll reach this section, which will be filled with Scorn. Naturally, you'll have to clean the room from all enemies.

destiny 2 darkness
This is the room where you'll have to wipe out all Scorn. (Picture: Bungie)

There is no hidden mechanic, just clear the room and all some adjacents ones to finish the encounter. You'll run into one filled with plenty of ads including multiple yellow bar bosses, so be sure to equip your best gear.

destiny 2 darkness
This is the final phase of the mission. (Picture: Bungie)

Once you finish killing all Scorn, the mission will end and you'll get your Pinnacle Reward as well as the next step in the Report, which will task you with heading back to Mars. 

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Featured image courtesy of Bungie. 

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