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Can you get the Parasite Exotic catalyst in Destiny 2?

Wondering whether the Parasite exotic in Destiny 2 has a catalyst or not? Read on to find out.
Can you get the Parasite Exotic catalyst in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2's latest expansion, The Witch Queen, continues to be a successful affair even after the launch of Vows of the Disciple Raid. Aside from completing the Witch Queen campaign, and Season of the Risen content, players still have plenty of exotic weapons to acquire and their catalysts like the Osteo Striga SMG catalyst.

Another new powerful exotic weapon introduced in The Witch Queen expansion is the Parasite grenade launcher, acquiring which is a strenuous task of its own. The Osteo Striga catalyst makes an already powerful weapon into a menacing beast, and many might be wondering if it's also the case with the Parasite exotic weapon. 

The Parasite exotic catalyst in Destiny 2

parasite exotic weapon destiny 2
The Parasite exotic grenade launcher is an incredibly powerful weapon in Destiny 2. (Picture: Bungie)

Unfortunately, the Parasite exotic grenade launcher doesn't have a catalyst you can acquire or craft in Destiny 2 yet. Interestingly, Bungie also hasn't accepted nor denied whether the Parasite exotic catalyst will be added in the future seasons.

While the news might come off as disappointing to some, the default Parasite exotic grenade launcher is more than sufficient to be an overpowered crowd control weapon.  

Two of its abilities - Worm's Hunger and Worm Byproduct, easily help it stand out among other exotic and legendary grenade launchers and make the grind needed to acquire it all the more worthy. 

parasite exotic catalyst destiny 2
The Parasite exotic weapon does not have a catalyst yet. (Picture: Bungie)

For those unaware, to acquire the Parasite exotic grenade launcher in Destiny 2, you must complete Of Queens and Worms exotic quest, that's unlocked after finishing The Witch Queen campaign. 

There are 17 steps in Of Queens and Worms exotic quest, and while it might seem intimidating, most of these steps are rather straightforward and simple to complete. However, it would take you well over 5-6 hours, if not more, to complete it. 

Once you have finished all the steps, Queen Mara Sov will hand you the Parasite exotic grenade launcher, which in all fairness, you deserve after all the grind.


That concludes our guide on whether the Parasite exotic grenade launcher in Destiny 2 has a catalyst or not. Make sure to check our dedicated Destiny 2 section for more news, guides, and features. 

Featured image courtesy of Bungie.

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