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Gogeta SS4 coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ on March 12

Two air-dashes and an insane Dramatic Finish involving Gogeta Blue are what's coming to Dragon Ball fans in just a few days.
Gogeta SS4 coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ on March 12

After Bandai Namco announced that SS4 Gogeta would be the final DLC of Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3, fans were eager to receive more news about the 44th and possibly final character in the game. 

They had to wait a few weeks, but Bandai Namco finally graced the community with exciting news, including the release date as well as gameplay footage of SS4 Gogeta.

DBFZ: SS4 Gogeta - Release date

gogeta ss4 release date
(Image: Bandai Namco)

As we've said, SS4 Gogeta will release on 12th March for those that wish to acquire him and haven't bought the Season Pass 3. 

However, if you own the Season Pass, you can download him and start playing him as soon as the 10th, so you'll get an extra day to get familiar with his tools and gimmicks.

DBFZ: SS4 Gogeta - Breakdown

Arc System Works has thrown balance out the window with SS4 Gogeta, providing him with insane tools that include an almost unreactable overhead, an easy way to build Dragon Balls via a DP move that can be used as an assist, and a level-up system that allows him to obliterate opponents with a single level 3 Super.

Furthermore, unlike the rest of the roster minus Golden Frieza, he has access to two air-dashes.

Check out the full breakdown video down below.

DBFZ: SS4 Gogeta - Combos

If you want to see what early high-level Gogeta gameplay looks like, check out the combo video shown during the Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour stream

DBFZ: SS4 Gogeta - Dramatic Finish

It's been a while since we saw a new Dramatic Finish in DBFZ, with a new 'what if' type of finish coming with the release of SS4 Gogeta when he faces Gogeta Blue. Take a look at it down below.