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EA FC 24 PlayStation Download Size: PS4, PS5

The download size for EA FC 24 on PS4 and PS5 has been revealed. Here's what you need to know.
EA FC 24 PlayStation Download Size: PS4, PS5

With EA FC 24 set to launch globally on September 29, 2023, PlayStation fans will be eager to learn just how much download space they'll need to clear on their console. Those looking to jump into early access on September 22 will need to learn this a bit sooner.

Luckily, the download size for EA FC 24 on both PS4 and PS5 has been revealed, and it's not as big as you might expect. In fact, the sizes are noticeably smaller than the download size required for the beta back in August. Below, we'll go over the exact download size for each platform.

EA Sports FC 24 Download Size: PS4, PS5

The download sizes for EA FC 24 are smaller than the beta size. (Picture: EA)

According to @PlaystationSize, a Twitter (X) account dedicated to revealing the download sizes for games across PlayStation consoles, EA FC 24 will have the following downlaod sizes:

  • PS4 : 45.834 GB
  • PS5 : 47.793 GB

This is the download size as of the Version : 1.01/1.000.001 patch. Note that as the game receives more updates, fixes etc., the download size could increase. But, for early acces and launch, players should expect the above download sizes.

The download sizes across both PS4 and PS5 are noticeably smaller than the required download sizes for the game's beta, which took place on August 10. The download sizes required for the beta were 50.605 GB (PS4) and 58.191 GB (PS5). 

When Can I Pre-Load EA Sports FC 24?

For those who bought the EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Edition, players should be able to begin pre-loading EA FC 24 from September 20, 2023. The game will be available to play in early access from September 22. If you've pre-orders or pre-purchased the standard edition, pre-load will be available from September 27. The game will go live on September 29.