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Can You Buy FC Points On The Web App For EA FC 24?

People hoping to buy EA FC 24 are wondering if is it possible to buy FC points through the new upcoming web app.
Can You Buy FC Points On The Web App For EA FC 24?

We are getting closer and closer to the official release of EA FC 24. With the game coming out sooner rather than later, there are fans who are growing more and more excited about what this new game will bring. After all, EA FC is looking like it will be a big change compared to the Fifa games that we have gotten in the past.

On top of all the new content that is going to come with the different players we can expect, there is also going to be a lot of new features as well. For example, the mobile web app is going to go live shortly before the launch of EA FC. With that in mind, will FC Points be available for purchase on the EA FC 24 mobile app? We go over that possibility here.

Can You Buy FC Points On The EA FC 24 Web App?

FC Points EA FC 24
Players can use the new Ultimate Team Web App to help them manage their teams in EA FC 24. (Picture: EA)

EA FC 24 is coming out with a new Web App that will accompany the new game. This web app can be accessed through the internet and on mobile devices as well. Players will be able to manage a variety of factors of their teams through this Web App. So, will it be possible for players to purchase FC Points with the Web App?

Nothing is confirmed yet but it is very likely players can purchase FC Points through the upcoming Web App. From what can be gathered, the Ultimate Team Web App seems to not have any Starter Packs for EA FC 24. That points in the direction that players could potentially buy FC Points through the Web App.

FC Points And The Ultimate Team Web App

EA FC 24 Web App FC Points
All facts point to the ability to purchase FC Points on the new Web App. (Picture: EA)

From recent news, we know that Starter Packs are not going to be available for EA FC 24. This means that players will have to build out their teams the hard way or purchase FC points so they can build a proper team quickly. The reason why this is problematic is that the Web App is supposed to be released before even early access of EA FC 24.

So if there are no Starter Packs and the Web App is supposed to launch before the game, what are players supposed to do with the Web App? All of these factors point to the fact that players might only be able to load their accounts with FC Points which is a premium currency. Although not confirmed yet, it does give us plenty of reason to believe that players can purchase FC Points on the new Web App.