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Elden Ring Books of Knowledge – How to pre-order and features

Elden Ring will be recorded in a two-volume strategy guide on The Lands Between, releasing this Summer and Fall with pre-orders available now.
Elden Ring Books of Knowledge – How to pre-order and features

Elden Ring will officially be chronicled in a series of books from developer FromSoftware and publishing house Future Press. The Books of Knowledge is a two-volume compendium, serving as the “definitive reference guide” for The Lands Between.

Filled with “insight and enlightenment,” the Books of Knowledge looks to cover the game in its entirety across two books. Here’s how players can pre-order Elden Ring Books of Knowledge, release dates, and notable book features for each volume.

Elden Ring Books of Knowledge – How to pre-order

Publisher Bandai Namco and publishing house Future Press are teaming up to bring The Lands Between in hardcover form as two detailed guides. Books of Knowledge is the official compendium for Elden Ring, providing strategy guides, artwork, and game maps.

Tarnished Ones can pre-order Books of Knowledge Volumes I and II from Amazon and the official Bandai Namco Store. Volume I will release on 29th July 2022, with Volume II scheduled for release on 29th September 2022, according to Bandai Namco.

Elden Ring Books of Knowledge – Features

Elden Ring Books of Knowledge Volume I: The Lands Between will detail the game's complete world, including the game’s lore, which “summarizes and helps to piece together the game’s enigmatic storyline.” Aimed at providing information from developer FromSoftware, they’ll detail “every inch” of this vast world with comprehensive maps, intricate artwork, gameplay mechanics, and the complete dungeon and NPC guides.

elden ring books of knowledge strategy guides preorder details
The Elden Ring Books of Knowledge Volumes I and II are available for pre-order. (Picture: Future Press)

Volume II: Shards of the Shattering will focus on combat gameplay elements, Bestiary and Armaments, presented in a format that is “easy to reference.” Lastly, this volume will feature an exclusive interview with game director Hidetaka Miyazaki, which Soulsborne fans will find intriguing to read.

Regarding production, both volumes will be presented as a hardcover book that Future Press described as a “beautifully designed” book. “Manufactured using the finest papers and most durable binding process befitting of a true collector’s piece,” each volume will come with a bookmark ribbon that should help readers never lose their place in the book.

  • Language: English, French, German, Spanish
  • Format: 8.5x11x1.5 in | 22x28x4 cm
  • Cover: Hardbound
  • Number of pages: 512
  • Publisher: Future Press
  • Price: $ 49.99 | £ 39.99 | € 44.99
elden ring books of knowledge strategy guides preorder warning
Future Press has advised readers to pre-order the volumes before their release "to avoid disappointment." (Picture: FromSoftware)

Future Press has cautioned avid Soulsborne fans to consider pre-ordering the volumes instead of waiting for their official release. "Due to the ongoing global manufacturing and logistic difficulties, we do encourage everyone to pre-order their copy early to avoid disappointment later."

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Featured image courtesy of FromSoftware.