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Enshrouded Scavenger Matron Head Location

Make your way to the Hill of Scavengers for the Scavenger Matron Head to upgrade your Flame Altar in Enshrouded.
Enshrouded Scavenger Matron Head Location
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If you want to keep upgrading the Flame Altar in Enshrouded, one critical item you'll have to acquire is the Scavenger Matron Head. There's nothing holding you back from seeking it out right away, but you'll want to be fully prepared to take on this boss battle.

Below, we'll go over everything you need to find the Scavenger Matron Head and which strategies are best in that challenging battle. We've also got details on where to find all the other materials necessary to Strengthen the Flame Altar in Enshrouded.

How to Defeat the Scavenger Gorger Matron in Enshrouded

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To get a Scavenger Matron Head in Enshrouded, you'll need to head to the Hill of Scavengers. This location is a good bit north of Braelyn Bridge and the Ancient Spire, but it's one that'll be worth the trip if you can defeat the Scavenger Gorger Matron.

There are a series of other scavenger enemies you'll have to defeat first, as well as some wolves, but these aren't your primary challenge. Make sure to clear out the camp entirely so you're able to take on the Scavenger Gorger Matron solo. As for how to defeat her, a speedy melee attack worked best for us.

The Scavenger Gorger Matron has poison splash attacks that can one-hit kill you depending on your armor and level, and that means even an effective ranged assault could go sideways if you're only chipping away at her health. You can also try using Explosive Powder Balls to create environmental high ground by getting her stuck in a hole.

In any case, using the best fast moving melee weapon you have access to and dodging frequently after a few quick strikes worked best in defeating her. After you defeat the Scavenger Gorger Matron, loot her body for a Scavenger Matron Head that can be used to upgrade the Flame Altar.

How to Upgrade the Flame Altar with the Scavenger Matron Head

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While it'll be the most challenging material required, the Scavenger Matron Head isn't all you need to Strengthen the Flame to Level 3 and increase your active Flame Altar limit. You'll need to gather all of the following:

  • 10x Wax
  • 10x Salt
  • 5x Spark
  • 10x Shroud Wood
  • 10x Flintstone
  • 10x Charcoal
  • 1x Scavenger Matron Head

Remeber to make a habit of destroying containers throughout Enshrouded, as the Wax and Salt can be found easily while working through other locations. Shroud Wood should be the simplest to acquire, and you can make Charcoal after you Find the Sleeping Survivor.

Spark may take some time if you haven't already gotten them, as you need to regularly return to Flame Shrine locations and gather their Spark. There's one near the Ancient Vault - Blacksmith and several others scattered around the map. Get all the materials in your inventory and you can finally Strengthen the Flame to Level 3.