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Nadeshot responds to 100 Thieves' poor esport performance: "I wake up everyday angry"

100 Thieves owner Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag responds to critics who claim org are nothing more than a "talent agency".
Nadeshot responds to 100 Thieves' poor esport performance: "I wake up everyday angry"

Success can be fickle in esports, in one measure 100 Thieves are one of the most successful esport organisations in the world with their apparel sales and partnerships some of the strongest in the business.

On the other hand 100 Thieves are going through a rough patch competitively with a struggling CS:GO roster, a League roster that just barely made it into the LCS Summer 2020 playoffs, and a Hiko led-Valorant roster who have failed to impress in so far, most recently getting bodied out of the FaZe Clan Invitational by the days-old FaZe Clan roster.

Nadeshot repsonds to 100 Thieves critics
(Picture: Nadeshot)

Recent performances haven't got unnoticed by fans of 100 Thieves and a Reddit post expressing many of their concerns blew up prompting Nadeshot to respond during his 10th August stream, with the owner and CEO of the org taking particular umbradge at the notion that he "doesn't care".

"What hurts me the most is people on our subreddit think that I don't care. I spent a decade competing myself - I hate losing. I f**king hate losing," explained Nadehot. "You think I enjoy spending all this money on esports and f**king losing? You think that makes me happy? You don't think I wake up angry every single day, every weekend, every tournament where we fall short and lose, and lose, and lose?"

Nadeshot would also explain that 100 Thieves has esports and being competitive is it's number one priority and "promises" fans that their frustrations are shared by the organisation.

"You are not alone in the frustations you have with 100 Thieves in esports, and a lot of people like to joke around and say we are just a 'talent agency' or 'entertaintment company' and those things are really important, a lot of teams don't do that well, and we need to.

It's the reason why one day this business will be profitable, but esports is another component that I promise you. One thing you can say is that your frustrated with us for not winning, but the thing that you can't say, that I just won't let it happen is when you say - we don't care and we are not trying -  you have no idea the money we've spent."

Nadeshot also expressed his opinion that things weren't as doom and gloom as people maybe were making out stating that he was "proud" of thier League of Legends team in particular.

"I will give credit to 100x and our Academy team on our League of Legends programme, and our main roster. We've gone through a lot of iterations of players, and line ups. We've got a lot of young guys stepping up in a big way, we just crushed EG (Evil Genuises) on Sunday, and I believe we are going to play them in the first round of playoffs this weekend."

The former Call of Duty pro also stressed the need for time claiming that they with the esport organisation being just three years old, they are up against teams that have been at for "over a decade".

"We’re competing against teams who have been around for over a decade. They have relationships with a lot of players at the top. We’re going to crack into this eventually, we’re not going to lose forever.

"Organizations should be worried. There’s a lot of things we do well ⁠- content and apparel we do really well. Once we start winning, good luck.”

Nadeshot also stated the in the coming weeks he would be going into more detail about each of the rosters under the 100 Thieves banner, so fans may have something to shout about soon.