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Best F1 22 Fast Start - How to get off to a fast start

Here's our guide on how you can get off to a fast start in F1 22 and get ahead of the competition early.
Best F1 22 Fast Start - How to get off to a fast start

With the release of F1 22 almost here and the game already in the hands of some players who own the champions edition, fans are no doubt excited to see what the title has in store for F1 racing fans. But once you get the game, you might need some guidance to get you off to a quick start in order to begin enjoying the game to its fullest from day one.

And that's where this guide comes in, as we will be showing you exactly how you can get off to a fast start, and get you off the line quickly when taking part in any of the races in F1 22.

How to get off to a fast start in F1 22

Best F1 22 Fast Start How to get off to a fast start Perks of a fast start and how to do
To get the most out of a fast start in F1 22, you should go for medium to non assisted play. (Picture: EA)

The first thing to note is that getting off to a fast start in F1 22 relies on you being able to manually control your launch. So players with automatic gears assisted starts and full traction control wont to be able to control much regarding their starts.

But for those using manual controls and taking full control of the vehicle from the get-go, you have a few options at your disposal. We will be going through those steps below, and once you master them, you'll be off to a flying start in any race F1 22 throws at you.

Using Medium Traction Control

Best F1 22 Fast Start How to get off to a fast start with TC makes things slightly easier but still a challenge
Playing with medium TC makes things a bit easier and less punishing. (Picture: YouTube / aarava)

For those using medium TC (Traction Control), your starts will require a small amount of throttle control along with some keen reflexes to time everything correctly. The traction control makes it easier as you can reach full power more easily and deploy ERS (Energy Recovery Systems) sooner in the race.

Once you are at the starting line, engage the clutch and build your revs up to around 12,500 using a quarter throttle. Once the lights go out, drop the clutch and shift to second immediately, then go to half throttle, and as soon as you feel the vehicle grip the tarmac, shift into third and build up to full throttle to hit the ERS button as soon as you can.

Try to watch yourself and make sure you don't hit the ERS button early, as you'll likely end up flying into a barrier. But getting it just right can give you a massive edge over the competition for the upcoming turn 1. Try to avoid the AI queuing up on the racing line at any point as well, as they can cause congestion and nullify your opening advantage.

Using No Traction Control

Best F1 22 Fast Start How to get off to a fast start no TC is gruelling and realisitic
Playing with no automated assistance and TC makes the game more realistic and requires steady practice to get used to. (Picture: YouTube / aarava)

This is arguably one of the hardest things to do in the game as the assistance of TC is completely removed. Here, you will need to begin by doing the same as before getting your revs up to 12,500 with a quarter throttle, and going forward it's all about accurate throttle control and short shifting.

Your goal is then to get into second gear quickly and not let the revs get up into the purple until you are in 5th or 6th gear at least. But if you change too early, you won't reach the optimal speed and end up at the back of the pack. 

Then, once the rear grips the tarmac again, you can activate the ERS and make your way ahead of everyone else. But be warned, we recommend keeping them for the long straight down to turn 1. From there it's just about practicing these maneuvers and getting your timing down to a science, especially with no TC enabled to get off to the fastest start possible in F1 22.

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Featured image courtesy of Codemasters / Electronic Arts.