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F1 22 Top Speed - What is the fastest speed possible?

Here's a breakdown of the fastest speed possible when paying F1 22 and how it was reached when playing the game.
F1 22 Top Speed - What is the fastest speed possible?

F1 22 is a game predicated on being able to balance many aspects of real-life F1 Racing. From managing your career as an upcoming F1 racer to taking your car around the track as quickly as possible.

But what are the limits to your car's speed, and what is the fastest speed possible for an aspiring racer to achieve in the game? Well, that's where this guide comes in. Below, we will be discussing the fastest speed possible in F1 22 and how it was reached in the game.

What is the fastest speed possible in F1 22?

F1 22 Top Speed What is the fastest speed possible Top speed currently is 343 Km/h
The current fastest speed in the game is 343 KPH. (Picture: YouTube / Mr Hero)

A YouTuber by the name of Mr Hero has taken this challenge up and tested all of the team cars in F1 22. The content creator received early access to the game for being part of the EA creator network and tested all the vehicles in the game by pushing each vehicle to the top speeds that they are capable of.

The results of this were quite definitive, and go to show the distance to which the developers have pushed the performance of the vehicles in F1 22. The top two cars, the Alpine and Haas team cars, have reached the fastest recorded speed so far of a blistering 343 KPH.

Other vehicles could also reach similar top speeds, but these two provided the fastest max that any of the team cars can go. So as it currently stands, the top speed in the game is 343 KPH. Though if this changes as the game updates or other information is brought to light, we will update our listing accordingly.

Though it's important to remember, F1 racing necessitates a balance of speed and control. Blazing through the laps will often only result in you flying into a barrier, so the top speed you can theoretically reach is only applicable in testing and having some fun with the game.

We would like to thank YouTube Channel Mr Hero for their full video on the F1 22 Top Speed Test. For more of their amazing content, please consider subscribing to their channel.

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Featured image courtesy of Codemasters / Electronic Arts.