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F1 22 – Release date, pricing, gameplay, VR mode and more

Codemasters and Electronic Arts unveiled F1 2022, revealing new details including its release date, pricing, VR mode, gameplay and more.
F1 22 – Release date, pricing, gameplay, VR mode and more

Electronic Arts (EA) and Codemasters have revealed the new high-speed addition to the F1 franchise with the announcement of F1 22. The game is set to release with brand new features and the option for VR play which many of us are excited about. 

If you are excited as we are, you probably wonder what you can expect from this latest release. We'll be looking at the details for F1 22, including new features, gameplay, and the release date. 

F1 22 – Release date, editions and pricing

As announced by EA, the game has been scheduled for release on 1st July 2022. Several editions of the game were made available, namely the F1 22 Standard Edition and the Champions Edition.

F1 22 will is available to pre-order in two versions and will release on July 1.
F1 22 will is available to pre-order in two versions and will release on July 1. (Picture: F1 22 official website)

Both editions will be available on PC, PS4 / PS5 and Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S and are available for pre-order on the mentioned platforms. The Standard Edition will come with the base game, F1 22 extra content, the F1 Life Starter Pack and 5,000 PitCoin.

The pricing is as follows for the Standard Edition. 

  • PC (Steam) – £49.99/$59.99
  • PS4, Xbox One – £59.99/$59.99
  • PS5, Xbox Series X|S – £69.99/$69.99

The Champions Edition will include all the above, with the addition of the Miami Themed content pack, My Team Icons, three days of early access and 18,000 PitCoin instead of 5,000.

The pricing is listed below. 

  • PC (Steam) – £69.99/$79.99
  • PS4/PS5 – £79.99/$79.99
  • Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S – £79.99/$79.99

F1 22 – Game features

Codemasters detailed all the overall changes and new additions included in the upcoming motorsport racing game. We have included some of the more noticeable changes that players expect in F1 2022.

VR mode revealed 

f1 2022 formula 1 guide game features new changes additions vr mode oculus rift htc vive no footage
While no gameplay footage has been revealed, we know F1 22 will feature a VR mode for PC players. (Picture: Codemasters / Electronic Arts)

For PC players who have wanted this feature added for ages, you can finally experience the epic motorsport journey of F1 22 in full virtual reality (VR). The devices currently supported are the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. 

While there isn't any footage yet for VR gameplay, we have received one image of the functionality, which looks promising for many players. We'll have to wait for how the game mode performs when released on 1st July 2022. 

Adaptive AI and improved tyre models

Starting at the ground up, F1 22 promises a new updated tyre model and improved AI that allows your rivals to adapt to your abilities while on the track. This is promising for new players who want to improve their skills and veterans who like a challenge.

f1 2022 formula 1 guide game features new changes additions adaptive ai improved tyre models
There will be massive improvements to some of the game's features, including AI and tyre models. (Picture: Codemasters / Electronic Arts)

The handling has been improved and brought closer to "real life", a welcomed addition as F1 racing has been plagued with handling issues. 

Altered race day presentation changes 

This feature is somewhat intriguing, and we will have to see how it plays out while in the game once it's released. The new feature added for the race day presentation allows players to choose between an Immersive or Broadcast option that changes how the formation laps, safety car periods, and pit stops work. 

Immersive puts you in the driver's seat during these instances and adds an extra layer of difficulty as players will be responsible for everything that happens during the downtime.

f1 2022 formula 1 guide game features new changes additions immersive altered race day presentation
F1 22 will contain race day presentation challenges as added features to the races you compete in. (Picture: Codemasters / Electronic Arts)

Broadcast is a passive mode that allows you to sit back and watch a cutscene during the downtime when in a pitstop or formation laps, making it easier for the player. 

My Team updates and F1 Life

The My Team feature has been built upon in F1 22, with managerial mode including options to choose a starting budget. This lets players choose their starting point of Newcomer, Challenger and Front Runner. 

This allows you to choose the more lucrative option of Front Runner if you want to start with a wealthy team or Newcomer if you want a challenge that starts you off with a more minor, modest team.

f1 2022 formula 1 guide game features new changes additions my team f1 life updates
A new managerial gameplay feature will also allow players to choose their starting point. (Picture: Codemasters / Electronic Arts)

The classic Podium Pass has also been expanded on in F1 22, made into the feature "F1 Life". This lets players gain XP in the game and compete in optional challenges to earn more XP as they progress. 

This will let players unlock new cosmetics and livery items used in the game. This is also now paired with the PitCoin currency to allow players to purchase even more items from the store in-game. 

F1 22 – Gameplay details 

Fans have wanted this, and it's finally here; the Miami International Autodrome circuit is the new addition to F1 22. This track has been recently added to the Formula 1 calendar, and players are excited to give it a go in F1 22.

f1 2022 formula 1 guide gameplay new changes additions new circutis miami international autodrome circuit
There will also be upgrades to the gameplay, such as the new Miami circuit and upgrades to existing circuits. (Picture: Formula 1)

The track features 19 corners and a back straight three-quarters of a mile long, focusing on an overtaking-friendly layout. Players will be putting this track to the test and seeing exactly how "friendly" those corners are. 

Fans of last year's F1 title were disappointed that these tracks, in particular, were not updated to reflect their real-life counterparts. However, F1 22 has solved that issue this year by revamping these three circuits and making them more true to real life. 

Changes have been made to Albert Park, Melbourne and Yas Marina venues. But we will have to see if this approach has carried over to other circuits in the game, such as Spa-Francorchamps, which fans have stated is in desperate need of an uplift.

F1 2022 is scheduled for release on 1 July 2022 across multiple platforms. Pre-orders are now available.

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Featured image courtesy of Codemasters / Electronic Arts.