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F1 22 best car - What is the fastest vehicle?

Here are the results you can expect for the fastest vehicles that will be available to race in F1 22.
F1 22 best car - What is the fastest vehicle?

Now that F1 22 has been released, you may be wondering what the best team car is to run with, or rather, what the fastest car of the game is. If you find yourself asking this question as well, then you're in luck, as that's exactly what we aim to answer below.

We'll be looking at the top performances of all the team cars available in F1 22, and concluding what the fastest vehicle is in the game. Additionally, we'll look at how it compares to the other team vehicles as well, to give you a holistic view of the overall performance of the vehicles in the game.

What is the fastest vehicle in F1 22?

F1 22 best car What is the fastest vehicle Ferrari takes the top in track perfromance
The Ferrari team car takes the lead as the best track vehicle. (Picture: YouTube / TRNSPRTR)

A Youtuber by the name of TRNSPRTR has posted a video that breaks down the performance of all the team cars in the game by racing them all on the Silverstone GP circuit. Based on the overall performance evaluated, the conclusion of his findings is listed below.

  1. Ferrari - 1.29.934
  2. Red Bull - 1.30.119
  3. Alpine - 1.30.132
  4. Mercedes - 1.30.425
  5. Alpha Tauri - 1.30.533
  6. Haas - 1.30.557
  7. Alfa Romeo - 1.30.556
  8. Williams - 1.30.788
  9. McLaren - 1.30.811
  10. Aston Martin - 1.30.852

TRNSPRTR created this breakdown with his early access to the game thanks to him being a member of the EA creator network. And based on the results, the Ferrari F1-75 takes the lead by just less than a second and holds to the real-life standings of Ferrari in Formula 1.

This is a comparison of track performance though, so what about top speeds? Luckily, another member of the EA creator network, a YouTuber named Mr Hero has come forward and given us a breakdown of the top speeds for all the team vehicles in the game. He tested each vehicle in a long straight path, pushing them to their max speeds and recording his findings as seen below.

F1 22 best car What is the fastest vehicle Alpine and Haas are the fastest at top speed
In a straight line the Alpine and Haas team cars have the highest top speeds. (Picture: YouTube / Mr Hero)
  1. Alpine & Haas - 343 KPH
  2. Alpha Tauri - 342 KPH
  3. Red Bull & Ferrari - 341 KPH
  4. Aston Martin - 340 KPH
  5. Mercedes, McLaren, Williams & Alfa Romeo - 339 KPH

Here both Alpine and Haas take the lead, with a staggering 343 KPh as their top speeds. And though realistically you won't see these speeds in-game with the turning, braking, and gear changes necessary to win a race, it's clear that the team cars are no slouches when it comes to speed.

We would like to thank both YouTube Channels TRNSPRTR and Mr Hero for their videos that contributed to the information in this guide. For more of their amazing content, please consider subscribing to their channel.

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Featured image courtesy of Codemasters / Electronic Arts.