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Does Fall Guys have bots?

Now that Fall Guys is free to play, let's try to answer the question of whether or not there are bots in this massively popular battle royale game.
Does Fall Guys have bots?

Fall Guys is a widely popular battle royale-style game that lets players compete online in a race to the finish line. Each round features roughly 40-60 players, but with all those spots available, some players ask whether there are bots in Fall Guys that are filling up the lobbies.

This guide will go over everything we know currently about the existence of bots in Fall Guys and what the community at large has to say about it.

Are There Bots in Fall Guys

Does Fall Guys have bots bots were originally in the game but have since been removed
Bots were originally in Fall Guys, but recently no new news about them has been announced from the developers. (Picture: Mediatonic)

Originally bots were added to the game, but they could only be faced by new players in their first ten matches, and in addition, bots could never make it to the final rounds leaving only players able to take the wins. And this was important at the time for new Fall Guys players.

This allowed new Fall Guys players to reach later levels in the game and not be completely wiped out in the first round by veteran and seasoned players. So casual players had a chance to get further into the game's final rounds, practice more, and feel their time with the game was worth their while.

At present, however, it seems as though bots have been removed from the game and haven't been announced to return as of yet as the developers announced bots before. Although some players are claiming that there might be bots in the game that we just don't know about.

Evidence of this comes from the random player names some Fall Guys tend to have when playing on certain servers, and the names always seem to follow a pattern. That being a combination of a random word, an animal, and three numbers, for example, "SleepyTiger495."

But later this was confirmed to be the result of players who were registering for an Epic account without an email and password, and the game automatically gave them a name in this format. Meaning the evidence for bots in fall guys is slim to none.

Some players were noticing how easily they beat certain rounds at times, and win when they thought they shouldn't. But until we receive official word from the developers, it's safe to say the conclusion of there not being bots in Fall guys is a safe bet.

Ultimately this means players can’t play offline with bots or encounter them when playing online in matches. But who knows, perhaps Mediatonic will reintroduce bots, along with local multiplayer and co-op modes for players to enjoy soon enough.

Fall Guys bots
Bots have certainly become a major factor in many battle royale titles. (Picture: Mediatonic)

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Featured image courtesy of Mediatonic.