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Fall Guys’ Community Manager shares the lamest excuses from sorry cheaters

Fall Guys currently has a cheater problem with Mediatonic banning hundreds of cheaters each day, the game’s Senior Community Manager shares some of the best excuses given by those who refuse to play fair.
Fall Guys’ Community Manager shares the lamest excuses from sorry cheaters

Those who play Fall Guys on PC will know that the game’s current approach to tackling cheaters is yet to be perfected.

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(Picture: Mediatonic)

Although Mediatonic is banning hundreds of cheaters each day, until the company is able to implement their upcoming anti-cheat upgrade, there will always be those able to break the rules.




In a series of posts on his personal account, Fall Guys’ Senior Community Manager Oliver Hindle (A.K.A Oliver Age 24) shared some of the classic excuses that players were using to protest their bans. According to the Mediatonic employee, the excuses are broken into the following categories:






















In a game of "pick your favourite excuses", we’d say that they’re all losers. From claims that they didn’t know cheating wasn’t allowed to protesting that they were simply trying to help fix the exploit, it seems that those emailing Mediatonic are attempting every trick in the book.

One common method of cheating appears to be using third-party software to increase the speed of your jelly bean, as well as letting Fall Guys fly in the air indefinitely. It’s easy to spot in-game, but seemingly more difficult to ban. 

Thankfully, Fall Guys will soon be getting a powerful new anti-cheat, used by major titles such as Fortnite, which is certain to combat the issue. We can only imagine that the number of emails the complaint department gets will only increase as more sore losers start to get banned for their actions.