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Fall Guys Guide: How to win at Fall Mountain

With Fall Guys being the latest and greatest battle royale on the scene, here’s how to make sure you qualify in the Fall Mountain round.
Fall Guys Guide: How to win at Fall Mountain

Now that Fall Guys has finally released, over 1.5 million players have entered the fight for first place in the wacky battle royale-style game. Playing a series of minigames with the aim to be the last jellybean standing at the end of it all, there’s a lot to learn if you want to be the best. Here’s how to win at Fall Mountain.

How to win Fall Mountain

Fall Mountain is one of the possible final stages that players must face in order to get their hands on the literal crown at the end of it. A race stage where only one can be the winner, timing is everything in Fall Mountain - here’s what to expect.

First, Fall Guys will face off against a series of rolling balls that drop from the top of the mountain itself. Watch carefully using your camera controls to see which way the obstacles are coming from. Even getting hit once may cost you the crown.

Fall Guys Fall mountain how to beat fall mountain
(Picture: Polygon)

A series of rotating panels is up next, and these spin after being hit by the balls for added difficulty. It’s tempting to get hit by these panels as you pass in order to get a small boost, but this is a risky strategy that will likely lead to you being knocked over instead. Find a slow-moving panel and pass through it at a steady pace, whilst your opponents take the risks.

The last major obstacles are the spinning hammers, which provide just enough space for a jellybean to squeeze through when timed correctly. Again, don’t be hit here, unless you’re way behind and wanting to risk it all.

From there, simply ascend the mountain and jump to the crown. Don’t forget to hit grab when you reach it! The crown also has to be low enough to reach, so be careful not to throw away your victory by leaping too soon.

Quick Tips

  • You’ll need a flawless run to grab the crown here, be extra careful
  • If there’s a time to take risks, it’s when you’re behind
  • Don’t jump when the crown is too high, but don’t be too slow either or you’ll miss your chance!

Fall Guys is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC. PlayStation Plus members can download it for free this month.