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TimTheTatman gets roasted by Fall Guys in hilarious exchange

The Fall Guys Twitter account, along with Twitch and just about everyone else roasts TimTheTatman for his Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout performance.
TimTheTatman gets roasted by Fall Guys in hilarious exchange

Timothy John Betar, better known to the online world as TimTheTatman, plays Fall Guys on his Twitch stream just like most other big-time streamers. After an unlucky, five-hour stream which saw TimTheTatman lose over and over again, the official Fall Guys Twitter account roasted the streamer, with everyone else jumping on board.


TimTheTatman roasted by Fall Guys

The official Fall Guys Twitter account is hilarious, and brilliant, to say the least. TimTheTatman said he would get a win in Fall Guys before the end of the recent stream but it didn't happen, and people started roasting the streamer. 

The Fall Guys Twitter account has quickly become one of the most entertaining to follow, and it shows, as they engage with personalities and the community. 



TimTheTatman playing Fall Guys was simply fantastic, as the streamer's personality and outbursts of anger really helped along with all the roasting which took place.


The official Twitch Twitter account even jumped in after TimTheTatman exclaimed how Fall Guys is paying people to target him.



At one stage during the stream, TimTheTatman said: "I'm getting bullied by a game that's designed for five-year-olds. It's like, I don't have a win yet, right, which is fine.

"Everyone, like, I don't know what happened over the weekend bro but all of a sudden, everyone is just making fun of me now".

Honestly, it is all in good fun, and even now, TimTheTatman continues to get roasted by Fall Guys' official Twitter, and just about everyone in the Twitter threads. 

Another little gem from Fall Guys reads: "No matter how bad you are at Fall Guys, there is somebody out there that's worse than you! Unless, of course, you are TimTheTatman - statistically, the worst-performing Fall Guys player in the world."