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CEO 2021: All winners, results, and more

There was plenty of action to follow at CEO 2021. Here are all the winners.
CEO 2021: All winners, results, and more

Community Effort Orlando (CEO) made a stellar return as one of the biggest fighting tournaments in the world hosted thousands of fans eager to be back competing in an offline setting.

A few rotten apples tried to ruin the fun for CEO 2021 attendants, but not even a tasteless fire alarm prank could suck out the excitement of an entire community that was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic for the past 18 months.

With some of the most notable fighting games on display, from new releases like Guilty Gear: Strive to all-time classics such as Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, there was something for every type of fighting game fan to enjoy and rave about. 

Who ended up coming out on top you wonder? Look no further, here is the full list of CEO 2021 winners and top placing players. 

Who won CEO 2021?

There were a total of 10 events taking place at CEO 2021, here are all the results.

Smash Ultimate Top 8

ceo 2021 winners
Kola took the Smash Ultimate CEO belt. (Picture: CEO Gaming)
  • 1st.- Kola
  • 2nd.- Glutonny
  • 3rd.- MuteAce
  • 4th.- Fatality
  • 5th.- Zomba
  • 5th.- MVD
  • 7th.- Myran
  • 7th.- ESAM

Tekken 7 Top 8

  • 1st.- Arshlan Ash
  • 2nd.- Anakin
  • 3rd.- Book
  • 4th.- KHAN
  • 5th.- Genghis D0n
  • 5th.- Kaizur
  • 7th.- Shadow 20z
  • 7th Farzeen


ceo who won 2021
LLon_nu13 was crowned the winner. (Picture: CEO Gaming)
  • 1st.- LLon_nu13
  • 2nd.- ZeroShadowBlood
  • 4th.- Monkey4012
  • 5th.- raiden
  • 5th.- TectalEastside
  • 7th.- Rox
  • 7th.- YoFavScrub

Dragon Ball FighterZ Top 8

  • 1st.- Dismantlex
  • 2nd.- LegendaryyPred
  • 3rd.- Ksack
  • 4th.- JaazzRap
  • 5th.- Adrian Riven
  • 5th.- Ajax Fidelity
  • 7th.- NYChrisG
  • 7th.- HookGangGod

Street Fighter V Top 8

ceo who won sfv
Mono beat Punk in an amazing grand finals. (Picture: CEO Gaming)
  • 1st.- Mono
  • 2nd.- Punk
  • 3rd.- Nephew
  • 4th.- Chris T
  • 5th.- JOE UMEROGAN
  • 5th.- NYChrisG
  • 7th.- Nigel E.X
  • 7th.- Docta Afrikan E.X

Mortal Kombat 11 Top 8

  • 1st.- Scorpionprocs
  • 2nd.- Nicolas
  • 3rd.- ELCucuyFGC_
  • 4th.- POPTAR964
  • 5th.- Yadriel-el-punk
  • 5th.- KingGambler
  • 7th.- Denzell J Terry
  • 7th.- TheMightyUnjust

Skullgirls Top 8

Dekillsage is a Skullgirls legend. (Picture: CEO Gaming)
  • 1st.- Dekillsage
  • 2nd.- Cloud
  • 3rd.- Turvon
  • 4th.- Lorenzo Bomber
  • 5th.- Winnie
  • 5th.- Gelato
  • 7th.- ShadeMoneh
  • 7th.- FuLLBleeD

Granblue Fantasy: Versus Top 8

  • 1st.- Ren
  • 2nd.- ZomBmu
  • 3rd.- Gandido
  • 4th.- EdGoneBad
  • 5th.- Teiga
  • 5th.- Diaphone
  • 7th.- Shuaboo
  • 7th.- Kilo

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Top 8

umvc3 champion
Mahvel never dies. (Picture: CEO Gaming)
  • 1st.- RayRay
  • 2nd.- Jason_Gamedev
  • 3rd.- Escalante
  • 4th.- Punk
  • 5th.- Romora
  • 5th.- DEAD X PRIDE
  • 7th.- Not Enough Damage
  • 7th.- ranmasama

Guilty Gear: Strive Top 8

  • 1st.- K7 Showoff
  • 2nd.- Remi Celeste
  • 3rd.- Kizzie Kay
  • 4th.- Punk
  • 5th.- TempestNYC
  • 5th.- Aiden Shine
  • 7th.- Diaphone
  • 7th.- Idiosyncrasy


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Featured image via CEO.