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News > Sports game > FIFA 21

All three of David Beckham's FIFA 21 Icons revealed

He will be available for players to unpack from the 4th of December.

Few former players have been treated to quite the fanfare that David Beckham has when getting a set of Icon cards in FIFA, but then again, few players are David Beckham. A worldwide celebrity that for better or worse transcends football.

Not only is Beckham getting the usual three Icon cards, as previously revealed he is also getting a unique Beckham FUT item that celebrates his LaLiga debut for Real Madrid. Every player who has purchased the game up and who does so up until the 15th of January next year will get this untradeable card.David Beckham ICON cards fifa 21 release date
(Picture: EA Sports) 

He will also, in digital form only, and for a set time become the game's cover star supplanting PSG's star striker Mbappe.


David Beckham's FIFA 21 Icon cards

Like all icons represented in the game, David Beckham has three stages of his career celebrated, or it could be haircuts were not really sure.

FIFA 21 David Beckham Icon Cards
(Picture: EA Sports) 

Joking aside, what you get is a base card, in Beckham's case rated 87 OVR. Positionally a centre-mid rather than a right-mid this honours his later years at Real Madrid.

His mid-tier card is 89 rated celebrating his time at Manchester United and in particular that spectacular treble-winning '98-99 side.

And then there is the 92 rated peak Beckham, with his head shaved, dragging England to the 2002 World Cup with THAT freekick goal against Greece.

Players will be able to bend it like Beckham when the card becomes available from the 4th of December.