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News > Sports game > FIFA 21

FIFA 21 exclusive PlayStation kit available via SBC

Stylish kits for your Ultimate Team are a defining characteristic of the popular FIFA game mode. Now there’s a new PlayStation kit available for unlocking via SBC, so here’s how to quickly complete the challenge.

Part of what Ultimate Team mode so great is the endless possibilities of combination and variance. Gamers have complete control to customize from the players they field on the pitch to the colours of the seats in the stands.

Differentiating your club’s kit is a great way to give a distinct look to the football you play on the pitch, and EA Sports makes sure to include loads of options. Now gearing up for the epic Team of the Season promotion, EA Sports is keeping things interesting with a fresh new release.

An exclusive PlayStation kit is being made available for gamers to unlock by completing a simple SBC. So here’s how you can complete the challenge as quickly as possible and add this exclusive PlayStation kit to your club collection.

PlayStation FC kit Squad Building Challenge

Complete this challenge to earn the Exclusive PlayStation FC Kit.


  • Min. Clubs in Squad: 3
  • Min. Nationalities in Squad: 2
  • Min. 1 Player(s): Gold
  • Min. Team Chemistry: 30
  • Number of Players in the Squad: 11


FIFA 21 PlayStation kit SBC cheap(Picture: FUTBIN)

This squad should cost you between 2-22k FUT coins, depending on your platform.

There will undoubtedly be another kit challenge when the TOTS promotion arrives. For now, check out all of our prediction squads for the top-tier leagues including, the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, and Serie A.