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FIFA 21: Fake Shot | Tutorial

Learn How to Do a Fake Shot in FIFA 21 with this dedicated guide, covering everything you need to know including normal, running and speed boost variants.

Skills and tricks have been all the rage in FIFA titles for quite some time. But in FIFA 21, you’ll find that none of them are as useful and versatile as the fake shot. It might not be the most glorious trick in the book, but it’s arguably the most effective, and it’s a welcome addition to any player’s skill set. That’s why it’s been used a lot at the competitive level, and you can expect to see it at the FIFA eWorld Cup 2020 in Milan


The fake shot, which can also be a fake lobbed pass, can be done by pressing the following buttons:

Action Playstation Xbox
Fake Shot â—¯ then X + L in any direction B then A + L in any direction
Fake Pass â–¢ then X + L in any direction X then A + L in any direction

It’s one of the most straightforward skill moves to perform in FIFA 21. All you need to do is initiate a shot or a lobbed pass, and then cancel it by pressing the pass button. However, what makes it even better is holding a direction while performing it, which will allow you to make a quick turn into that direction.

A standard fake shot is capable of tricking an opponent into committing a tackle, which can create space and even draw a foul. If they’ve done that, you can continue dribbling into the space they’ve left, or even take a shot. It also works wonders in both midfield and defense, especially at times when you’re struggling to shake off a player and find an adequate target.

What’s more, you can use the fake shot several times in quick succession to grind your opponent’s gears and force them to commit multiple defenders. If they do, it will create a lot of space elsewhere on the field and open up the game.

(c) EA Sports

A directional fake shot is even better because, in addition to all the benefits of the standard fake shot, it also lets you move into the open space immediately. For example, if you’re dribbling the ball from the wing towards the corner of the eighteen yard box, it can be challenging to find a good enough angle to take a shot. It’s even harder when an opponent has a line of defenders in the way.

However, one or two-directional fake shots in quick succession will not only create some space but if done correctly, it can even put you on the perfect angle to fire a long-range shot. Combined with a pacey winger or midfielder who has a high shot accuracy rating, a directional fake shot into an actual shot can be devastating.


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