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FIFA 21 Lucas Hernandez FOF Objectives: How to complete, rewards, stats

The Festival of FUTball promotion is now live in FIFA 21 with a team of highly powered new cards arriving in Ultimate Team. Here’s how you can complete objectives to unlock a 90 OVR FOF Lucas Hernandez card.

FIFA 21's Festival of FUTball promo has been the perfect way to round over a year of football with both the European Championships and Copa America providing an opportunity for players to get new and exciting cards for their Ultimate Team.

Festival of FUTBall is a Path to Glory promo and works similar to the Road to the Final cards we have seen previously, in that, based on real-world performances, the already boosted cards can be further upgraded.

Lucas Hernandez Objectives FIFA 21 Festival of FUTballThe players chosen for the festival of FUTball are all at the top of the game. (Picture: EA Sports)

We have just seen the second bath of cards into packs, and several more have been released through SBCs, and we now have the second Objective card, always popular because they involve no spend.

This time around it's Lucas Hernandez, the Bayern defender is currently turning out for the all-conquering France side and the potential for this 90-rated card to be upgraded even more is obvious to most.

As a recap, the upgrade system works like this:

  • 3 Wins = +2 OVR Upgrade
  • 4 Wins = +1 OVR Upgrade
  • 5 Wins = +1 OVR Upgrade
  • 6 Wins = 5*/5* Weak Foot/Skill Moves Upgrades

Follow our guide below to make sure you get your hands on this.

Festival of FUTball Lucas Hernandez Objectives

Complete this set of objectives to unlock a FOF Path to Glory Lucas Hernandez, as well as a number of packs and XP on offer.

  • Score 4 Headers in Squad Battles on min. Professional difficulty (or Rivals)

    • Rewards: Gold Pack & 300 XP

  • Assist with Crosses in 3 separate Squad Battles matches on min. Professional difficulty (or Rivals)

    • Rewards: 75+ Rated Rare Player & 300 XP

  • Score using French players in 8 separate Squad Battles Wins on min. World Class difficulty (or Rivals)

    • Rewards: Premium Gold Pack & 300 XP

  • Assist in 12 separate Squad Battles matches on min. Professional difficulty (or Rivals) using Defenders

    • Rewards: Electrum Players Pack & 300 XP

Festival of FUTball Lucas Hernandez - stats

Lucas Hernandez stats(Picture: FUTBIN)

We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop with all of the action throughout the FIFA 21 Festival of Football. Expect to see more exciting new FUT content as the promotion rolls along.