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News > Sports game > FIFA 21

FIFA 21 players receiving incorrect FUT Birthday rewards

Just hours after the FUT Birthday event kicked off, fans alerted EA Sports of a potential glitch in the rewards system. The problem seemingly stems from the free promotional rewards players were supposed to receive.

It hasn’t been the smooth start that EA Sports would have hoped for as they launched the FIFA 21 FUT Birthday event. After dropping an official squad of 11, an Objectives Player, as well as an SBC, all seemed to be normal.

Only a few short hours after the official release, EA FIFA Direct put out a tweet saying that FUT Birthday Gift rewards had been temporarily disabled citing issues.

FUT Birthday rewards error

The FIFA 21 FUT Birthday event grants players free rewards based on how much they played FIFA 21 in a measured time period. Upon signing in, users are prompted with a message that they received 'x' rewards after logging into Ultimate Team for a set number of days since the launch of the game.

Fans are complaining that they have received incorrect rewards from the giveaway. Other complaints under the EA FIFA Direct tweet suggest that some have not received any rewards at all.

FIFA 21 birthday rewards error
(Picture: The_BossFUT)

To combat the issue EA Sports has temporarily disabled the FUT Birthday gift rewards until the problem can be further sorted.

FIFA 21 FUT Birthday SBC problems

Another FUT Birthday Reward in question stems from the Squad Building Challenges. There is both an SBC for the legendary Lukas Podolski as well as an SBC with a pack reward.

Complaints in the replies to EA FIFA Direct's tweet state that some players have received incorrect rewards for the allotted SBC’s. As well as some comments claiming they didn’t receive any reward at all.

It is yet to be seen if EA Sports is indeed having a problem with the FUT Birthday SBC rewards as well. And furthermore, what action will be taken to correct the problem.