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News > Sports game > FIFA 21

FIFA 21 Season 5 countdown: Start time, storyline rewards, more

Season 4 is winding down as FUT gamers are racing to finish out the last few levels. Coming soon it will be the FIFA 21 Season 5 Storyline featuring loads of new Ultimate Team content.

One of the popular features in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team has been the continuation of the Storyline Rewards system. The Storyline was first introduced to the Ultimate Team cycle during last year’s title, FIFA 20.

The Storyline serves as the EA Sports version of a battle, which appears in many other titles. It’s a level system that allows gamers to unlock exclusive in-game items for reaching certain XP checkpoints within an allotted time.

Rewards range from Tifo’s, Stadium Themes, Gold Packs, Kits, and even highly-rated Player Pick’s. With the first four FUT 21 Seasons providing impressive rewards, the excitement for the start of Season 5 couldn’t be higher.

FUT 21 Season 5 - Start time

As Season 4 of FUT 21 Storyline winds down, it looks as though Season 5 will be set to kick off on Friday, 26th March 2021. Following the format of the previous Seasons, the run-time for Storyline Season 5 should last around two months.

FIFA 21 Season 5 start time
(Picture: EA Sports)

That should give gamers plenty of time to pick out their favorite rewards, and accumulate the necessary XP to reach those levels. Season 4 was filled with animal-themed Tifo’s and Badges, it will be interesting to see the concept for Season 5.

FIFA 21 Season 5 - Storyline rewards

Though there is still time left in Season 4, it seems as though the Storyline Rewards for Season 5 have already been leaked. FIFA 21 data miner, FUTWatch, recently revealed some code of what appears to be the Season 5 Storyline Rewards.

Though there has been no confirmation, FUTWatch has been a reliable source over past transgressions. So the tweet is certainly nothing to scoff at.

Curiously missing from the leak are the lauded Player Pick rewards. It will be interesting to see if anything surfaces there before Friday’s kick-off.

Make sure to stay tuned to the GINX.tv coverage of FIFA 21 for any and all of your Season 5 needs.