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FIFA 23 Points Prices List: All Packs & Bundles

Here's our FIFA 23 points list breaking down the latest points packs, newly added bundles, their prices, and more.
FIFA 23 Points Prices List: All Packs & Bundles

FIFA Points are the microtransaction currency that players use in FIFA 23 to purchase items such as packs and enter FUT Drafts. These points come in purchasable bundles, and EA has adjusted these bundles in FIFA 23 to provide players with better value for money. 

So if you're interested in knowing more about the points system in FIFA 23 and how points will be distributed and sold, we have put together a list breaking down all the point bundles for sale in FIFA 23. 

All FIFA 23 Points Packs & Prices

FIFA 23 Points List patch notes points bundles changes
EA has adjusted the points bundles available in FIFA 23 to add more value for money. (Picture: EA)

According to the recent patch notes, EA has adjusted the points available for purchase and their prices in FIFA 23 by removing certain packs and adding more value to other commonly purchased packs. They have also added two more packs to give players more bang for their buck and a little more variety for those looking to spend a bit more.  

Below are the adjusted points available to purchase in FIFA 23 and their prices, along with the removed FIFA points bundles for your convenience:

  • 100 FIFA Points 
    • USD 0.99
    • EUR 0.99
    • GBP 0.79
  • 500 FIFA Points
    • USD 4.99
    • EUR 4.99
    • GBP 3.99
  • 1,050 FIFA Points
    • USD 9.99
    • EUR 9.99
    • GBP 7.99
  • 1,600 FIFA Points
    • USD 14.99
    • EUR 14.99
    • GBP 11.99
  • 2,800 FIFA Points (NEW)
    • USD 24.99
    • EUR 24.99
    • GBP 21.99
  • 5,900 FIFA Points (NEW)
    • USD 49.99
    • EUR 49.99
    • GBP 44.99
  • 12,000 FIFA Points
    • USD 99.99
    • EUR 99.99
    • GBP 79.99
  • Removed FIFA Point bundles
    • 250 FIFA Points
    • 750 FIFA Points
    • 2200 FIFA Points
    • 4600 FIFA Points

"When making these changes, we've ensured that the updated bundles now have a more favorable price-per-FIFA Point and offer consistency with how we scale all of our bundle options," EA Sports concluded in the Pitch Notes. This news is a relief for players who don't want to spend tons of hard cash on points in FIFA 23 but still want to get value out of purchasing smaller point bundles.

FIFA 23 Points List New bundle added to purchase
FIFA 23 has new points bundles for sale, such as the new bundle for 2,800 points. (Picture: EA)

As of right now, your options for purchasing points in FIFA 23 are quite varied and affordable, as seen in the list above. So be sure to take advantage of the new updated points and prices to buy everything you need when setting your ultimate squad in FIFA 23

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Featured images courtesy of Electronic Arts.