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Why Is Darwin Nunez Bald In FIFA 23? Update: He's Back!

If you have played FIFA 23 recently, you might be wondering why is Darwin Nunez bald. We have the answer you are looking for.
Why Is Darwin Nunez Bald In FIFA 23? Update: He's Back!

UPDATE - The Bald Nunez glitch is back! There was a period in late December when the Liverpool striker regained his luxurious hair, much to players' disappointment.  But it's now late January 2023 and it would appear as though his streamline Jonjo Shelvey look has returned.

We're not entirely sure why Nunez is once again bald in the game, we know that EA Released a patch in January which updated some player faces, and that might explain why the Liverpool forward has once again started appearing in the game this way.

We doubt it will last forever though, so make the most of this absolute GOAT whilst you still can!

[Original Story Follows] - Now is the perfect time to get into FIFA 23. With the World Cup going on, the game is now more alive than it has ever been. It makes sense, to celebrate the World Cup, EA Sports have added various rewards that players can collect right now.

If you are getting into FIFA 23, you might want to play Liverpool. The team has high stats and players like Darwin Nunez are in the meta right now. But something with Nunez is off at the moment. Why is Darwin Nunez bald in FIFA 23? We go over the reason why below.

The Reason For Nunez Being Bald In FIFA 23

FIFA 23 Bald Nunez Glitch
EA Sports tries to accurately depict the players in the game, so why is Nunez bald? (Picture: EA Sports)

As you might already know, most of the players in FIFA 23 are based on real soccer players and their teams. Darwin Nunez is a forward for Liverpool FC. But if you look him up, you will see that he normally has a full head of hair on his head.

When creating games like FIFA, EA Sports aims to be as accurate as possible when it comes to representing the players. So much so that they actually do face scans for the players. They added a face scan of Nunez so the player should accurately look like him. So why is he bald?

To put it simply, Nunez being bald is simply a glitch. However, it seems to be a very common glitch. Users on both YouTube and Reddit have said that Nunez is bald in their game. EA Sports might have been updating the Nunez model in the game and simply forgot to replace the bald placeholder when the game updated.

When Will The Bald Nunez Glitch Go Away In FIFA 23?

EA Sports FIFA 23 Bald Nunez
It is likely that EA Sports is already working on a fix to the Bald Nunez glitch. (Picture: EA Sports)

It really depends on when EA Sports notices it. Since the bald glitch is making waves on the internet right now, EA Sports could already know that Nunez is bald and is working on fixing the game for everyone.

It should be a minor fix on EA's part, so do not expect Bald Nunez to last forever. If you want to see Nunez bald in your game though, now is the time to boot up FIFA 23 and have him on your team.

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Featured image courtesy of EA Sports.