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Best camera settings in FIFA 22

Getting the right camera settings can help you win matches in FIFA 22. In this guide, we will show you what works best in this year's title.
Best camera settings in FIFA 22

Millions of gamers around the world will be doing only one thing this weekend and that is playing FIFA 22.

The EA Sports soccer simulator is truly going next-gen this year, with this being the first edition of the game that is using the full power of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. While the claims of HyperMotion technology ring hollow for many fans of the franchise, the majority of those that have had hands-on time with the game feel that it's a vast improvement from FIFA 21.

But back to this weekend and specifically, Friday, 1st October. Launch day usually starts off with a couple of casual Kick-Off matches to get a feel for the new mechanics before diving into one of the game's meatier offerings; namely Career Mode, Pro Clubs, or FIFA Ultimate Team.

That rush to play could cost you some early points in the season, as you may come to realise that certain aspects of the game, like your button configuration or camera settings, are far from world-class. But don't worry, we have you covered/

We have already covered some of the best FIFA 22 controller settings and now we will have a look towards the camera settings.

The best camera settings in FIFA 22

Getting the best camera settings is not an exact science. You may want to see as much of the pitch as possible, or you may want to be as tight on the player with the ball as possible so that you can see exactly how bad you are at the game's many dribbling moves.

Whatever your preference is, there are loads of different options in FIFA 22, including a new EA SPORTS GameCam that was introduced this year.

This camera contextually moves depending on the action on the screen. For example, a one-on-one duel will see it going in tighter, while plays that expand outward will result in the camera drawing back -- it has had decidedly mixed reviews and is especially discouraged for online play. 

FIFA 22 best camera settings
EA Sports GameCam isn't everyone's cup of tea. (Picture: EA Sports)

Before we get into the best settings we will briefly cover how to change the camera settings, which can be done in the "Game Settings" menu both in and out of the game.

In-game, the first menu will be various camera settings. Outside a game, go to the top menu, click on "Customise", then "Settings", then "Game Settings" and press R2 once to get to the camera menu.

FIFA 22 best camera settings
EA Sports GameCam is a new addition to the camera settings. (Picture: EA Sports)

Most players will change this, especially those that grind FIFA Ultimate Team, with both the "Tele broadcast" and "Co-op" cameras being popular choices.

Both are similar and could be considered standard choices for most players, with Co-op offering a wider overview and being suitable for players who like passing and switching the play often.

Players can also customise the settings further, changing the height and zoom. To cut to the chase, here are two different settings courtesy of two FIFA legends, the first of which comes from Krasi.

FIFA YouTuber, Krasi, uses the Co-op camera and further customises the settings opting for:

  • Camera Height: 17
  • Camera Zoom: 3
Which settings does Kras use in FIFA 22
The Co-op camera with Kras' custom settings. (Picture: EA Sports)

BorasLegend, another notable figure in the FIFA content game, opts for the Tele Broadcast camera.

For custom settings he goes for:

  • Camera Height: 10
  • Camera Zoom: 0
What settings does BorasLEgends use in FIFA 22
BorasLegends' custom Tele Broadcast is good for seeing one-on-one duels while maintaining a good overview of the pitch. (Picture: EA Sports)

In a recent video, Boras describes this as the "perfect mix" that allows you to see the players on the other side of the pitch, as well as offering up enough clarity for the man on the ball.

You can watch the video in the embedded player below.

Ultimately, a level of experimentation is healthy when working out the best camera setting for FIFA 22. So load up an offline Kick-Off game and have a play around before you jump into the more consequential game modes.


We'll be continuing with more FIFA 22 content and advanced play guides as the season unfold. Make sure to stay tuned to our official page for all the latest breaking news and information.

Featured image courtesy of EA Sports.