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FIFA 22 Prime Gaming Drop 3: How to link accounts, Gold Packs, Player Picks, more

Another rewards pack is now available for free unlock in Ultimate Team via Prime Gaming. Here's how to link your accounts to unlock the free FIFA 22 Prime Gaming Drop 3 rewards to take your team to the next level.
It's the holiday season and EA Sports are giving more gifts away to FIFA Ultimate Team players. The Winter Wildcards promotion is currently ongoing, and now the third Prime Gaming drop is live and available for unlocking.

FIFA x Prime Gaming drops are spaced out across the FUT 22 cycle to continue to reinforce Twitch Prime members throughout the season. Prime Gaming drops typically consist of Gold Packs as well as Player Picks, which can be massively influential for completing your squad.

The packs are fairly simple to unlock, so follow along for the step-by-step process. Here's how to link your accounts for the free FIFA 22 Prime Gaming Drop 3.

FIFA 22 Prime Gaming Packs
Prime Gaming packs are free and can boost your team with some awesome rewards. (Picture: EA Sports)

Prime Gaming Drop 3 FIFA Ultimate Team

Unlocking Prime Gaming reward packs is a very easy process, as FIFA Ultimate Team players simply need to link a set of accounts. The two logins you'll need at the ready are your Twitch Prime and EA Sports credentials.

You will need an active subscription to Twitch Prime to unlock the free FIFA 22 Prime Gaming Drop 3 rewards. However, free trial periods are always offered for new and first-time users of the service.

How to unlock Prime Gaming Drop 3 in FIFA 22

  1. Follow this link to the Prime Gaming homepage to log in/create a new account.
  2. Click on this link to log in to your EA Sports account.
  3. Link the two accounts together here to claim your rewards.
  4. Login to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team and open your Prime Gaming Drop 3 pack!

Note: It can take up to 24 hours for your Prime Gaming rewards to appear in Ultimate Team. If they do not appear at first, try logging out and back in again.

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Featured image courtesy of EA Sports.