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How to control the goalkeeper in FIFA 22

Goalkeepers are the last line of defence to protect the net and keep the match within reach. Here's how to control the goalkeeper in FIFA 22 and make a last-second save with user ability overriding the CPU.
How to control the goalkeeper in FIFA 22

One of the well-received command additions to recent years of FIFA, controlling the goalkeeper is a skilful move that can completely change a game. There are multiple situations where this move can give your a competitive advantage when playing a tightly contested match.

In past generations of FIFA, gamers were only able to press one button, causing the GK to either rush off their line or stay in the net. But now there is much more nuance to the Goalkeeping controls.

Here's how you can control the goalkeeper in FIFA 22 to give your side the best chance at a positive result from the match.

Goalkeeper controls FIFA 22
Control the goalkeeper and make last-ditch-efforts to keep your team in the game. (Picture: EA Sports)

Control the Goalkeeper FIFA 22

The controls available to gamers are both when the GK is in front of their net attempting to make a save, as well as when the keeper is in possession of the ball. Here's the full list of commands on multiple platforms:

Action PS4 / PS5 Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S
Switch to GK TouchPad View
Drop Ball Triangle Y
Drop Kick O or Square B or X
Throw / Pass X A
Pick Up Ball R1 RB
Driven Throw R1 + X RB + A
Driven Kick R1 + Square RB + X
Move GK R3 (press and hold) + R R3 (press and hold) + R
GK Cover Far Post R3 (press and hold) R3 (press and hold)

Although controlling the goalkeeper can be a great way to mop up when in trouble, it's ideal to not allow your opponent into this kind of situation. To help keep your backline well-bolstered, read up on our FIFA 22 Defending guide, including advanced moves and system changes.

FIFA 22 advanced GK control
Preserve the clean sheet with advanced Goalkeeper controls. (Picture: EA Sports)

For all of your competitive gaming needs, make sure to bookmark our FIFA 22 tab for all the latest breaking news and information.