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Football Manager 2024 Features Roadmap Confirmed

The journey towards Football Manager 2024 ramps up as the Features Roadmap has now been officially confirmed.
Football Manager 2024 Features Roadmap Confirmed

Another year of strategy is back on the horizon as Football Manager 2024 has been formally announced along with several new details about when fans can expect to learn more about the game. There's exciting news for the franchise with continued expansion as more and more gamers will be able to dive into the action whether at home or on the road.

Perhaps most exciting for veteran players of the series is that the Football Manager 2024 Features Roadmap has now been revealed, and there's a whole schedule of deep dives just around the bend.

Football Manager 2024 Features Roadmap Confirmed

It's about to be game time for the development team at Sports Interactive as the hype train gets rolling for the impending arrival of Football Manager 2024. Nearly two decades have passed since the title once written in the programming language BASIC and known as Championship Manager rebranded and became the strategic football simulation powerhouse we have today.

The new announcement trailer for Football Manager 2024 confirmed the game is set to release on November 6, and fans excited for the game will have plenty more to look forward to before launch arrives. The Football Manager 2024 Features Roadmap was confirmed at the end of their trailer, and it outlines a whole host of key feature reveals are scheduled.

Football Manager 2024 Features Roadmap

As seen above, there are six different reveals scheduled between now and the worldwide launch of Football Manager 2024. Starting on Monday, September 18th, every week will bring a new look at the Football Manager 2024 features that players will get to experience this year.

While roadmap reveals like this are far from new especially across annual sports games, this is the first time we're getting a detailed dive in this way from Sports Interactive and SEGA. The exact length and depth of these deep dives could be as simple as a few minute highlight video or as much as an hour-long deep dive breaking down the intricacies of the latest changes and what drove those decisions.

The only Monday without a reveal between now and the Football Manager 2024 launch is October 16, and this means they could have something else planned for that week as the final stretch towards launch arrives.