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FM22: What pitch size is best?

The size of a football pitch can aid or hinder your team's tactics in Football Manager 2022, and this guide will give the right answer when the groundsman asks if you want to make any alterations.
FM22: What pitch size is best?

Football pitches come in all different sizes, they might not appear that way when watching from the stands or on TV, and while there are regulations around the width and length of a pitch, there is room for variance.

For those that play the Football Manager titles, this may not be news to you. Many will experience that moment when your groundsman comes to you at the start of a season and asks, "is there any alterations to pitch size you would like to make?"

Then you are left wondering -- what pitch size is best? The options are usually, depending on league regulations and the scope for change in your stadium, whether you want to expand or contract one, or both, of the width and length of the pitch.

Working out the best pitch size in Football Manager 2022 is not the easiest task, it will depend on both the players at your disposal and the type of football you want to play. A longer, wider pitch will favour a fast counter-attacking team, while a small one, which congests the play, will require technically proficient players capable of playing in the tightest of gaps.

This guide will help you lay the groundwork (heh) in your decision process and find the best pitch size for your team in FM22.

How do you change your pitch size in FM22?

Now, if you have already decided on a pitch size and your season has started and you are now worried you've made the wrong decision, know this: the actual pitch size has only a minor effect on a game. And while in a game of percentages like football, tweaking this to perfection can be the difference between winning and losing, ultimately there are far more important factors; like the players at your disposal, your tactics, training, and man-management.

Football Manager 2022 pitch size
Your club's groundsman will come to you in pre-season and ask you what size of pitch you would like. (Picture: Sports Interactive)

It is also worth noting that before the start of every season the groundsmen will offer you the opportunity to change your pitch size with this happening through a message from your groundsmen in your "Inbox".

So, if you feel you have made a mistake, it is not a permanent one and you will be able to remedy it in time.

What size of a pitch should I choose in FM22?

In regards to actual pitch size, a short or narrow pitch suits a slower, more patient, attacking style which favours highly technical players who can thread passes through the tightest of gaps.

On the defensive side, a short pitch means you can field slower defenders but similarly, your team will be susceptible to teams looking to break the offside trap, with the space between your defence and goalkeeper being shorter, an attacker who has broken the offside trap will have less distance to the goal.

Football Manager 2022 pitch size which is best
A shorter pitch will leave you open to balls being played behind your defence. (Picture: Sports Interactive)

A longer, wider, pitch favours fast counter-attacking teams. Playing direct and wide, stretching the play, will be most successful. This sort of pitch and tactics will be strenuous on your players and they will need to be physically fit with high stats in both stamina and work rate.

How can you check the pitch size of other teams in FM22?

Checking a stadium's pitch size is easy, for stadiums you will be playing in soon, head to the "Schedule" tab and click on the stadium listed.

Make sure to have a look at our dedicated Football Manager 2022 page ahead of the full release of the title on 9th November. We have face pack guides, affordable players to sign, and other strategy outlines at your ready.

Featured image courtesy of Sports Interactive.