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Collect Candy in Fortnite Season 8 - Fortnitemares challenge

Chapter 2 Season 8 just got a massive refresh after update v18.21 recently went live. The patch officially launched the Fortnitemares 2021 promotion featuring new challenges, here's where to collect Candy in Fortnite Season 8.
Collect Candy in Fortnite Season 8 - Fortnitemares challenge

The latest Fortnite campaign continues to boom with Chapter 2 Season 8 receiving even more exciting content. Giant cubes have appeared all throughout Fortnite island and the results have been utter chaos.

In addition to the new 'Cube' season theme, the return of Fortnitemares is on tap with Halloween just around the corner. A recent patch update brought loads of spooky-themed challenges, and gamers are racing to grab the XP for their battle pass.

Here's the best place on the island to collect Candy in Fortnite Chapter Season 8.

Fortnite Candy Season 8
You'll need to collect Candy to complete a Fortnitemares challenge. (Picture: Epic Games)

Fortnite Candy location - Collect Candy in Fortnite (25)

The recent v18.21 patch brought the official launch of Fortnitemares 2021 and that means loads of new challenges for gamers to complete. Among the popular challenges, players are tasked with collecting Candy, one of the new Fortnitemares items.

Players will need to collect 25 Candy in total, so get ready for some Fortnite trick-or-treating. The best place to find Candy is Pleasant Park, as it seems to be most plentiful there.

Candy will be found in Halloween style baskets, some hidden and some not, all throughout the Pleasant Park location. When you find a basket, hit it a few times with your pickaxe until it breaks and the Candy inside spills out, then pick them up.

Fortnite Candy Season 8 Pleasant Park
Halloween themed baskets hold the Candy in Chapter 2 Season 8 of Fortnite. (Picture: Epic Games)

If you're at less than 100 health you can eat the Candy to regen, and seeing you can store many at once, it's not bad for quick boosts. You won't need to eat any Candy to complete this challenge though.

Simply collect 25 and the challenge will be complete. This will likely take finding between four and five baskets to cross off, so drop for Pleasant Park right away before other players can collect it all.

Once you collect 25 Candy you will receive 2,800 XP for the battle pass in addition to Fortnitemares rewards, dependent on how many other quests you've completed.

Fortnitemares 2021 new items
Some of the new additions from the Fortnitemares 2021 event. (Picture: Epic Games)


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Featured image courtesy of Fortnite.