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Fortnite Black Panther POI 'Panther's Prowl' leaked

Dataminers have spotted the Black Panther point of interest. Here's your first look at Panther's Prowl.
With Fortnite Season 4 Nexus War, Marvel superheroes, as well as an iconic villain, entered the ever-popular Battle Royale from Epic Games. Things are just getting started, and we've already seen leaked abilities for Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, Storm, and Black Panther appear. Now, the Black Panther Fortnite POI has leaked, and it's called Panther's Prowl.

Fortnite Black Panther POI: Panther's Prowl

Data miner FortTory has revealed the first in-game footage of the Black Panther POI in Fortnite. It is, according to FireMonkey, called Panther's Prowl. The Panther's Prowl monument coming to Fortnite looks massive, and it has a chest inside its mouth. 

Take your first look at the Panther's Prowl monument coming to Fortnite below.

This Black Panther POI in Fortnite will likely not only serve the Marvel theme of Season 4 but also honour Chadwick Boseman, the actor who played the role of King T'Challa, aka Black Panther, in past MCU films. For those who haven't heard the news, Chadwick Boseman passed away at the age of 43 recently after a battle with colon cancer.


At the time of writing, it is unclear when Epic Games will release the Black Panther POI in Fortnite. From the looks of it, the chest in the panther's mouth might contain the Black Panther Vibranium Armour.

From a previous leak, we know the details of the Black Panther Vibranium Armour coming to Fortnite, which you can view below.

  • The ability will block 50% damage for {x} amount of time.
  • The more damage it blocks the more it charges.
  • After it charges you can blast to damage anything nearby.
  • Speed buff: x1.3
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds

Black Panther Fortnite Panther's Prowl
(Picture: FortTory)

Keep in mind stats might change before Epic decides to release this new POI in Fortnite as well as the Black Panther Vibranium Armour.