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Fortnite Vending Machine - All locations and how to get Rare or higher weapons

Here are all the locations of Vending Machines in Fortnite and how to purchase Rare rarity or higher weapons from them.
Fortnite Vending Machine - All locations and how to get Rare or higher weapons

Epic Games have brought back Vending Machines in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. If you didn't know, these devices offer compelling weapons, items to repair shields or healing in exchange for Gold Bars, and are scattered ubiquitously across  the island.

You'll want to know where to find Vending Machines since you will need them to complete the "‘purchase a weapon of Rare rarity or higher" Fortnite Week 2 Challenge. So, without further ado, here's everything you need to know.

All Vending Machine Locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

All Weapon-O-Matic locations in Fortnite
All Weapon-O-Matic locations in Fortnite. (Picture: Epic Games)

Players can find Vending Machines in nearly every named location in Fortnite. Notably, there are two different types of Vending Machines, each offering either weapons or medkits.

You'll know which machines include weapons because they display "Weapon-O-Matic" above them, while the devices offering medkits will indicate "Mending Machines". Here are a few named locations where the Vending Machines are found in Fortnite.

All Weapon-O-Matic Locations

  • Logjam Lumberyard (2)
  • Sleepy Sound (2)
  • Shifty Shafts (2)
  • The Daily Bugle (2)
  • Coney Crossroads (2)
  • Camp Cuddle (2)
  • Sanctuary (2)
  • The Joneses (2)
  • Rocky Reels (2)
  • Greasy Grove (1)
  • Condo Canyon (2)
  • Conker's Speedway (2)
  • Synapse Station (2)
fortnite vending machine weapon-o-matic locations
You can purchase weapons from special Weapon-O-Matic Vending Machines in Fortnite. (Picture: YouTube / Comrad3s)

All Mending Machine Locations

  • Sleepy Sound (1)
  • The Fortress (1)
  • Greasy Grove (2)
  • Condo Canyon (1)
  • Coney Crossroads (1)

You can also find a Mending Machine west of Logjam Lumberyard and Camp Cuddle, east of The Daily Bugle and The Joneses, south of the outskirts of Tilted Towers, and south of Rocky Reels.

Note: We should add that the Vending Machines might not be located in the same area for each match, as some of them tend to move around; however, you shouldn't have any trouble finding them.

How to get Rare rarity or higher weapons in Fortnite

how to get rare or higher rarity weapon fortnite vending machine
To purchase an item from the Vending Machine just walk up to it. (Picture: YouTube / GuidingLight)

To complete the Week 2 Challenge, approach any Weapon-O-Matic Vending Machine and interact by pressing the indicated button. Then use the scroll wheel to browse the itinerary. Once you have found a Rare or higher rarity weapon, purchase it by pressing the Buy command.

Can you see how easy that is? That concludes our guide on how to purchase Rare or higher rarity weapons from Vending Machines in Fortnite.


Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.