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Fortnite Emote Royale 2022 - How to participate

Fortnite Emote Royale is returning for a 2022 run, here's everything you need to know about how to participate in the upcoming emote competition.
Fortnite Emote Royale 2022 - How to participate

Epic Games has always been keen on fan feedback, often implementing new features to Fortnite, ideas for which are generated or regulated by the millions of players that regularly log in to its incredibly successful live service title.

So far, Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 seems like a perfect example of this. Some Fortnite fans were disgruntled by the change in the XP system, and Epic immediately put out a solution by doubling the amount of accolades XP you can get

Now the company is bringing back Emote Royale in Fortnite, which provides players an opportunity to create their very own emote for the game.

How to participate in Fortnite Emote Royale 2022

fortnite emote royale 2022
Fortnite Emote Royale give players an opportunity to make their own Fortnite emote. (Picture: Epic Games)

The aforementioned information comes straight from Epic Games' official blogpost, which primarily talks about the rules and regulations for this year's Fortnite Emote Royale.

To participate in Fortnite Emote Royale 2022, players have to make a video of themselves performing an original dance move or just an original motion. The blog post clearly states that the video can be a non-dance motion video. Players can also use Fortnite tracks or sound effects in their videos.

To be eligible for the reward, players must share their dance/motion video for Emote Royale 2022 on TikTok or Instagram between 9th June 2022 (10 AM ET / 7 AM PT) and 15th June 2022 (11.59 AM ET/ 8.59 AM PT.) Players must also include the hashtags #EmoteRoyale2022 and #contest.

fortnite emote royale 2022 prize
The winner will get a prize of $2,500 alongside their emote. (Picture: Epic Games)

The winning video will become an emote in Fortnite, and the winner will get $2,500 alongside the emote. As for rules, players have to be at least 13 years old to participate in the Fortnite Emote Royale 2022. Please refer to Epic's official blog post for an in-depth explanation of the various rules and regulations for the competition.

That's everything we know about the Fortnite Emote Royale 2022. Speaking of music and dance, the latest musical event in the Fortnite Soundwave Series is now live in the game. It features Japanese pop artist Gen Hoshino and runs back-to-back for 72 hours until 12th June 2022.

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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.