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iPhone's with Fortnite installed are selling for upwards of $14,000

Users are ready to capitalise on the popular battle royale game's absence from the App Store with ludicrous price tags on mobiles with Fortnite installed.
As the war between Epic Games against powerhouse companies Apple and Google continues, one that saw Fortnite get removed from both the App and Play Stores, it seems some people on the internet are trying to make a hefty profit from the lack of Fortnite in mobile devices, specifically iOS phones.

Originally reported by Phone Arena, one quick look at the online shipping website eBay will net results of different sellers trying to offload iPhone's with the battle royale game installed for prices that range from the 00 for an iPhone XS Max, going up to ,000 for an iPhone 11.

iphone prices fortnite

It doesn't seem that Fortnite will make it's way back to mobile devices anytime soon, as Epic Games is set to embark on a legal fight that is looking to benefit the entire gaming industry as they claim they are "fighting for open platforms."

While the urge to play Fortnite on the go might be strong, it's hard to believe paying thousands of dollars for the chance to do so is something a lot of people are considering, especially since there are free ways to circumvent the ban and download the Fortnite APK for free, at least on Android devices.

As the story develops, we will keep you updated on all things Fortnite.