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Forza Motorsport Roadmap: Post-Launch Details, Upcoming Features & More

Get ready at the starting line as Turn 10 Studios unveiled its post-launch roadmap for Forza Motorsport, featuring new tracks, cars, and more.
Forza Motorsport Roadmap: Post-Launch Details, Upcoming Features & More
(Picture: Turn 10 Studios)

Forza Motorsport is gearing up for its official game launch on Xbox Series X|S consoles and PC via the Microsoft Store and Steam. With Early Access to begin shortly for players who've pre-ordered the game, developer Turn 10 Studios revealed a roadmap detailing new content and plans coming soon to the game.

This announcement outlines content for its single-player offering, Career Mode, and its many multiplayer offerings, which will be available with each game update. So, if you're looking to know what's coming soon, we've detailed the roadmap and what content is arriving to Forza Motorsport post-launch.

7th November 2023 Update: This guide reflects the announcement of Update 2.0, which arrives to Forza Motorsport on 14th November 2023 for console and PC. The original reporting continues below.

Forza Motorsport Roadmap: Release Schedule

Forza Motorsport developer Turn 10 Studios unveiled new details regarding post-launch support for their upcoming racing game. This announcement focuses on new content for single-player and multiplayer options that will be added to the game following its global launch on Xbox Series X|S consoles and PC via the Microsoft Store and Steam on 10th October 2023.

On top of the bevy of new content players can expect, there will undoubtedly be plenty of patch updates that will roll out alongside the content additions. As expected, we can expect adjustments, optimizations, bug fixes, and Quality-of-Life (QoL) improvements to ensure consistent gameplay performance and overall stability.

As for the frequency of when this content will be made available in-game, Turn 10 Studios' Creative Director Chris Esaki stated that these will be added every month. This ensures that players will "always have something new to play" as the game continues to "be an evolving racing platform" on console and PC.

Forza Motorsport Roadmap: New Race Tracks

According to the official developer post and the Live Program Overview video, Esaki confirmed that new race tracks will arrive at Forza Motorsport post-launch. He further stated that while the intention is to release new race tracks every month, due to development timelines, only some monthly updates will feature a new race track or two.

Nevertheless, he announced the first post-launch race track arriving to Forza Motorsport in its first significant update on 14th November 2023. The Update 2.0 will see the Yas Marina Circuit completely redesigned and built based on its real-world race track layout in Abu Dhabi, UAE, which includes "more flowing hairpin… for better racing and overtaking opportunities."

Forza Motorsport Roadmap: Featured & Open Tours Live Events

forza motorsport roadmap live events career mode single player featured tours track tour
The Track Tour will be the first featured Tour available to players in Forza Motorsport. (Picture: Turn 10 Studios)

Likewise, players will experience new Live Events for single-player and multiplayer modes post-launch. The first is the Featured Tours for single-player or Career Mode, in which players will find two unique Featured Tours added monthly to Forza Motorsport.

Esaki said this included a themed Featured Tour and an Open Tour; the latter is for a more casual single-player experience. For the featured Tour, a series of weekly races will spotlight a specific car, which players have two weeks to complete.

The first confirmed Featured Tour, Track Tour, will spotlight competition cars in multiple races and Spotlight Cars for that given week, and completing all four weekly series unlocks a Showcase event in which the reward is the 2020 Acura #6 ARX-05 DPi. Turn 10 Studios has unveiled the weekly series events and the Spotlight Cars for the Track Tour for Forza Motorsport:

Featured Tour Spotlight Car Starting Date
Track Day 2022 Subaru BRZ 5th October 2023
Built to Race 2020 KTM X-Bow GT2 12th October 2023
Track Exotics 2014 Ferrari FXX K 19th October 2023
Prototype Power 2019 Ginetta #6 Team LNT Ginetta G60-LT-P1 26th October 2023

The Open Tour Live Event includes four Performance Index (PI) class series: C Class, B Class, A Class, and S Class, with a theme and new content added monthly. The first Open Tour event for Forza Motorsport highlights German manufacturers with a reward car to unlock upon completion.

Forza Motorsport Roadmap: Featured Multiplayer Live Events

forza motorsport roadmap live events multiplayer mode spotlight series
There will be plenty of Featured Multiplayer events for players to participate in. (Picture: Turn 10 Studios)

Aside from the Live Events for Career Mode, multiplayer modes will receive new content regularly for Forza Motorsport. This will be made available for the Spec Series and Open Series, whereby the Spec Series sees players using pre-tuned cars while the Open Series lets them use a car from their garage from a specific PI class.

These multiplayer events will rotate following the game's launch with new content and reward cars so players won't repeat content in-game. Let's look at the Live events for the Feature Multiplayer modes in Forza Motorsport:

Spec Series Event Open Series Event Class Spotlight Car Starting Date
GTX Sportscar Series R Class Series n/a 5th October 2023
Formula Mazda Spec Series A Class Series 2020 KTM X-Bow GT2 12th October 2023
Early LMP Series C Class Series 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS 19th October 2023
Early Factory Racecar Series  P Class Series 2019 Ginetta #6 Team LNT Ginetta G60-LT-P1 26th October 2023

Forza Motorsport Roadmap: Featured Rivals

Featured Rivals will also gain new content post-launch that they can look forward to in Forza Motorsport. This mode sees players pushing their cars to their maximum to get the fastest lap using a specific car and race track, and the developer has confirmed the Featured Rivals events for the game in October 2023:

Rivals Event Featured Car Featured Track Starting Date
Welcome to Forza Motorsport 2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray Maple Valley - Full Circuit 5th October 2023

*Welcome VIPs!

(this event requires VIP Membership to participate)

2020 Corvette Stingray Coupe Forza Edition Laguna Seca - Full Circuit 5th October 2023
Spotlight – Subaru BRZ 2022 Subaru BRZ   VIR - South Circuit 5th October 2023
Spotlight – KTM X-Bow GT2 2020 KTM X-Bow GT2 Road America - Full Circuit 12th October 2023
Spotlight – Ferrari FXX K 2014 Ferrari FXX K Mugello - Full Circuit  19th October 2023
Victory Lap 2023 No. 01 Cadillac Racing V-Series.R Hakone - GP Circuit 19th October 2023
Spotlight – Ginetta #6 G60 2019 Ginetta #6 Team LNT Ginetta G60-LT-P1 Spa - Full Circuit 26th October 2023

Forza Motorsport Roadmap: Car Pass & New Cars

As mentioned, new cars will arrive in Forza Motorsport post-launch, as the first few will be available through the Car Pass expansion pack. This expansion is included with the base game for its Premium Edition, Deluxe Edition, and Premium Add-Ons Bundle, in which weekly, players can add a new car to their garage which is as follows:

  • 2018 Volkswagen #22 Experion Racing Golf GTI: 5th October 2023
  • 2019 Dodge #9 American V8 Road Racing TA Challenger: 12th October 2023
  • 1999 Nissan #23 NISMO Clarion R391: 19th October 2023
  • 2020 BMW M2 Competition Coupé: 26th October 2023