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Genshin Impact Horsetail – Locations, how to farm and uses

Horsetails grow in shallow waters in Liyue, which can be used in cooking and crafting. Here's how to find and use them in Genshin Impact.
Genshin Impact Horsetail – Locations, how to farm and uses

Genshin Impact features a myriad of materials, which you can use to craft items for fishing, alchemy, creation, cooking, and more. Although Travelers can farm most of these materials in the wild across Teyvat, it's also possible to purchase them from merchants for Mora.

Horsetail is such an item, native to Liyue, which is famed for its purple-feathered appearance and robust germination. This guide details where Travelers can find this plant, the best farming route, and how to use Horsetail in Genshin Impact.

Where to find Horsetail in Genshin Impact?

Horsetail is an item primarily used in cooking and is found across the Liyue region. Mainly located within shallow waterbeds, there are a few known locations where an abundance of Horsetails can be farmed.

genshin impact farming guide horsetail liyue region where to find guili plains
Horsetails can be found growing across Liyue, especially in the shallow waters near Guili Plains. (Picture: YouTube / WarbyGaming)

Travelers seeking Horsetails won't have to look far and wide as they can be found in the northern section of Dihua Marsh, Stone Gate, and at the Guili Plains. However, if you don't wish to head out into the wild to farm them, locate the merchant NPC, Herbalist Gui, at Bubu Pharmacy at Liyue Harbour.

Herbalist Gui will sell the item for 240 Mora each; however, he only stocks a maximum of 10 Horsetails at a time. So, once his stocks have been depleted, you'll need to wait three days for his inventory to be replenished before acquiring more from him.

Best Horsetail farming route in Genshin Impact

genshin impact farming guide horsetail liyue region best farming route guili plains stone gate
The Horsetail farming route starts at the top of the Stone Gate before going down towards Guili Plains. (Picture: HoYoLab)

The best possible farming route begins at Stone Gate, where you'll find a Teleport Waypoint nearby the bridge leading into the area. From here, drop down into the shallow waterbed, and in the direction away from the Teleport Waypoint, you can farm up to five Horsetails.

Across the shallow waters on the opposite side of Stone Gate, you can farm three Horsetails before heading towards the large boulder in the middle of the water, where you find three more. Then, head back towards the Stone Gate bridge, where you can farm five Horsetails alongside the bridge in the waters below.

Continue south along the bridge through Stone Gate, towards Dihua Marsh, where west of the Statue of the Seven, you can see four Horsetails in the waters nearby. Going further south from the Statue of the Seven, a Horsetail is located in the waters close by the Viewpoint.

How to use Horsetail in Genshin Impact?

When out-farming Horsetail, if Travelers equip the Seed Dispensary gadget, they can instead farm Horsetail seeds used for gardening purposes. This seed can be planted to grow Horsetail within the Serenitea Pot; however, you'll need the A Path of Value: Orderly Meadow furnishing item.

genshin impact farming guide horsetail liyue region serenitea pot horsetail seeds tubby merchant npc
You can purchase Horsetail seeds and more furnishings from the Serenitea Pot Spirit, Tubby. (Picture: HoYoverse)

Additionally, Horsetail seeds and the A Path of Value: Orderly Meadow furnishing item can be purchased from Tubby, the Teapot NPC, using Realm Currency. Horsetail seeds will cost five Realm Currency a bag, and the furnishing item costs 300 Realm Currency.

Horsetail, as mentioned before, is mainly used for cooking purposes as it's one of the ingredients for the Rice Buns and Jueyun Gouba dishes. The Rice Buns recipe can be acquired from Mao at Wanmin restaurant, while you can get the Jueyun Gouba in the Qingce Village by locating Ms. Bai.

genshin impact farming guide horsetail liyue region wanmin restaurant rice buns recipe
Travelers can purchase the Rice Buns recipe from an NPC at the Wanmin Restaurant. (Picture: HoYoverse)

Once you have both recipes, you'll need to farm or purchase ingredients to produce these dishes. You can have a look below at the ingredients required to make both dishes:

  • Rice Buns:
    • Rice x1
    • Horsetail x1
  • Jueyun Gouba:
    • Horsetail x2
    • Rice x2
    • Ham x1
    • Jueyun Chili x1

Travelers can also use it for crafting purposes as an item required to make the Fake Fly Bait fishing item. To prepare this item, you'll need to obtain the blueprint from Nantuck in Mondstadt and Sakura Bloom and Horsetail.

genshin impact farming guide horsetail liyue region fisherman nantuck mondstadt
Locate the fisherman, nantuck, in Mondstadt to obtain the Fake Fly Bait blueprint from him. (Picture: HoYoverse)

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Featured image courtesy of HoYoverse.