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Genshin Impact leaks reveal Dendro banner and new starting characters

Multiple Genshin Impact sources have revealed new information on Collei and Tighnari, new characters possibly arriving in Sumeru.
Genshin Impact leaks reveal Dendro banner and new starting characters

Several novel Genshin Impact leaks highlighted new information regarding potential starting and banner characters, Collei and Tighnari, arriving in the 3.0 update and beyond. However, with the Sumeru region likely to be introduced in the same update, it's unclear if these characters will have the Dendro element.

Due to the 2.7 update delay, it has yet to be determined when the 3.0 update will arrive in Genshin Impact. Nevertheless, the latest leaks should excite Travelers for the upcoming region and the content that they may bring.

Genshin dataminers leaked Sumeru starting character and banners leaks

Genshin Impact developer HoYoverse will be looking to introduce Travelers to the Sumeru region and associated element, Dendro, in future updates. While multiple leaks suggest the 3.0 update as a possible time for their eventual arrival, various dataminers have uncovered more information regarding possible starting and future playable characters.

In a series of tweets, notable source Ubatcha highlighted some "questionable" theories regarding two new banner characters arriving in the 3.0 update. They revealed that excluding the "Dendro Traveller," it's likely that the update will feature three characters; two 4-star and one 5-star character.

"Collei info remains the same. Tighnari was mentioned in my previous tweets as the 5. The final character, I don't know yet, but I'll update if/when I'm given more info."

Another prominent Genshin Impact source, SpendYourPrimos, has further elaborated on these new characters while dispelling Ubatcha's original theories. "Ubatcha dropped some 3.0 banner timeline info; we wanted to let you know that the Su expy is not named Tighnari," they wrote.

They later clarified in a separate tweet that they were extremely "transparent" regarding "banner timelines." "Just want to reiterate that I/we never said Su expy was coming in 3.0, only that 1) this character is in the pipeline, and 2) uncle DD said 5-star Dendro male in 3.0."

genshin impact characters sumeru region 3.0 update collei webtoon cyno
Collei first appeared in the Genshin Impact manga series as rumors speculate about the character's future appearance in the game. (Picture: Twitter / SaveYourPrimos)

SpendYourPrimos also revealed some "questionable" descriptions for Collei and Tighnari, which has excited Travelers. For example, they described Collei as having "hair has grown past her shoulders," wearing a "green shawl, short black dress" with "long black sleeves, asymmetrical stockings, short black heels" and "lots of cute adornments."

Tighnari, on the other hand, is said to have a distinctive appearance, noted for wearing "long shorts, boots with laces" with hair that's" dark, short, and dead straight with two lime green stripes in his bangs." Additionally, they may be a possibility for "a long shoulder cape (?) that's a gradient of bright greens."

genshin impact characters sumeru region 3.0 update tighnari fan art
There has been some fan art posted online on what Tighnari could potentially look like in Genshin Impact. (Picture: Twitter / 0Nashiro)

Lastly, Ubatcha further elaborated on potential starting characters and their elements once Sumeru arrives in Genshin Impact. While "questionable" as of writing, they stated that the starting characters are likely to be centered on the Dendro element.

"Most of the starting Sumeru characters focus around the new Dendro elemental reactions, those being Hydro and Dendro and Electro and Dendro. This may seem kinda obvious with Dendro coming out, but it means that the other elements will generally be taking a backseat for a while."

We will endeavor to provide more updates once more reliable information is available.

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Featured image courtesy of HoYoverse.