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Genshin Impact Yaoyao character leaked

A recent leak teased the arrival of Genshin Impact's first Dendro user, Yaoyao, who may be a part of Genshin Impact's 2.4 update.
Genshin Impact Yaoyao character leaked

Genshin Impact’s 2.3 update added two more characters to an already impressive and diverse roster. As more characters get added to the game with every content update, the community generates interest in other characters we have yet to see.  

With the information available online through leaks and rumours, one popular character has been reportedly revealed to be arriving soon to Genshin Impact. This character is Yaoyao, who is presumed to be the first Dendro character in the game.  

New leak teases first playable Dendro user

This week, renowned Genshin Impact source, Lumie, uploaded a video on Twitter that highlighted a number of characters that have been previously leaked since the Closed Beta.

These characters included Hu Tao, Sayu and Thoma, the latter arrived in the Genshin Impact 2.2 update.

The video concluded with the Dendro character, Yaoyao, which gave players a glimpse into the character’s first in-game look. The video clip didn’t reveal too much information on her Elemental Skill or Burst, however, it does show off how she’ll look once she arrives in Teyvat.  

Additionally, Lumie uploaded a character design image of Yaoyao, hinting that she may be arriving soon in Genshin Impact. “Release date is still unknown, though she'll likely come with Chasm at this point.

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The first official character reveal for Dendro user, Yaoyao. (Picture: Lumie / Twitter)

The Dendro element is one of seven elements in-game and the only one unavailable in Genshin Impact. Since the game’s launch, players had encountered many enemies making use of Dendro abilities like the Wooden Shieldwall Mitachurls and more recently, the Canine Bunshin from the Bantan Sango Case Files event 

Furthermore, the Dendro element is also linked to a region we have yet to see in Genshin Impact. Datamined information previously hinted at the Sumeru region possibly arriving in a future update for the game. Another region that has been previously leaked is the Enkanomiya region possibly arriving in the 2.4 update, which will feature the recently leaked Lantern Rite event.

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The Enkanimiya region has been rumoured to be a part of Genshin Impact's 2.4 update. (Picture: Ubatcha / Twitter)

With the second half of the 2.3 update having started in mid-December, there is plenty of new content Genshin Impact players can look forward to. The latest character reveal for Yaoyao will certainly create plenty of excitement within the community ahead of the next content update.


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Featured image courtesy of miHoYo.