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How to complete the Cleansing Defilement World Quest in Genshin Impact

Continue with the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual by purifying three more locations around Inazuma, in this World Quest for Genshin Impact 2.0.
How to complete the Cleansing Defilement World Quest in Genshin Impact

As the update 2.0 of Genshin Impact is now available worldwide, lots of new quests and challenges have been added to be found around the Inazuma region, in which you as the Traveler can learn more about its rich history while collecting some rewards on the road.

One of these is a series of World Quests known as the “Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual”, which require a lot of effort and time from your part, as these involve you doing a lot of things in the right order, so let’s guide you to finish the third of these quests called “Cleansing Defilement”.

Cleansing Defilement World Quest

Before you start this quest, you must have completed the World Quests “A Strange Story” and “Sacrificial Offering”, as these offer you both context around the story of these missions, as well as some basic knowledge around its gameplay.

Chunju Forest

Genshin Impact Cleansing Defilement 1

After Kazari appears in front of you at the end of the previous quest, you will have to head towards three different locations around Inazuma in order to complete the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual. The first of these will be the Chunju Forest.

In the forest, you will find its main path full of all kinds of enemies you will have to deal with, until you find a giant stone Tanuki statue called Ioroi. The Ioroi will instruct you with some info, while you will need to convince him to give you his Ward, but he will only do it if you entertain their kids for a while.

Genshin Impact Cleansing Defilement 2

To do this, you will have to look for three little tanukis around the area following the main path you walk before. For the first, you will follow it towards the path until it transforms into a torch you can light with Pyro abilities.

The second will be close to a horde of Hilichurls. Defeat them, then climb the stone with the pot on it, and investigate the area by hitting the prompt button. The last tanuki will do the same disappearing trick, so follow him for a while, then he will turn into three torches in the river. Light them all to finish this task, and then go back with Ioroi.

Genshin Impact Cleansing Defilement 3

Ioroi will thank you and give you its Ward. After this, the map will mark you the location of the barrier close to a beach. Here you will find a big wall of rock, however a tanuki close to it will suddenly disappear the wall. Enter the discovered zone, where you will find a place to put the Ward in, which will activate the Electro Tori puzzle.

In this case the Electro lanterns will be trickier to adjust, as these will be very hidden. Nonetheless, the lantern to the right of the Ward will be set to four, and the lantern to the left hidden behind the root will be set to three. You will find the last two lanterns up top, both should be set to two.

Genshin Impact Cleansing Defilement 4

The Ochimusha will appear to face you, so better be ready for it using some good Elemental reactions. Right after defeating it, Kazari will appear again to talk about this barrier and also about Ioroi. Finish the dialogue and then head towards Araumi.


Genshin Impact Cleansing Defilement 5

In Araumi, you will have to look around to light up five Electro totems, however some of them will be protected with some mechanical enemies you have to defeat. After you activate all five, the entrance of a ruined tower covered by roots will be opened, where you will find a Precious Chest and three small statues you have to scan using your Memento Lens.

Genshin Impact Cleansing Defilement 6

Once you scan them, they will each reveal a button you have to press so you can drop further down into the ritual site. Here, scan the Kitsune statue near the barrier to summon a tree you can use to get Electrogranum, to get through the barrier. Once inside, use an Electro attack on the Kitsune to get the Ward for this ritual.

Put the Ward in its place and the puzzle will show up. Besides, two of the lanterns won’t appear at first since you have to locate a couple of small statues using your Memento Lens, in order to activate the last two lanterns. Now with all five around, the first in the middle stays the same, while the ones at your sides will be set to three, and the last ones on the back to two.

Genshin Impact Cleansing Defilement 7

Interact with the Ward and the area will be purified, but as always an Ochimusha will appear to battle. Defeat him and then move to the last location east of the Kamisato State.

Kamisato State

The first place you will go will be a little hill where you will also find an Electroculus. In your current spot, scan the small Kitsune statue with the Memento Lens and a large one will appear, hit it with an Electro attack and you will get the Ward needed.

Genshin Impact Cleansing Defilement 8

After this, walk towards the beach where you will find a Waverider Waypoint, and use it to travel to the small island outside the Kamisato State. On the island, you will look around for two Kitsune statues close to a little hole, where a small statue will be sitting. Scan it to open the rock floor below you.

Once you finish falling, you will enter an Electro-charged zone with a room at the back of it. Float all the way towards it, and you will find the last Red Tori. Activate it with your Ward to find the right order.

Genshin Impact Cleansing Defilement 9

Besides, some of the lanterns will be off, so to turn them on, go to the tree close to the Tori and summon an Electrogranum, then get close to them and these will be charged with Electro energy again.

To set up the lanterns, the ones at the side of the Ward will be set at three, while the other two should be set at two. Purify the area, and this time two Ochimusha will confront you. Take care of them as these can be quite tricky, and don’t forget to pick an Electrogranum so you can’t get affected by the Electro charges of the area.

Genshin Impact Cleansing Defilement 10

After you defeat the Ochimusha, you will return to the tree in the cave near Konda Village. Here, the final challenge of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual will be waiting for you, as you need to purify the center of the tree in the quest Yougou Cleansing.

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