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Explore the Bottom of the Well and complete A Strange Story in Konda World Quest, how to

Start the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual by discovering the secret around the strange happenings from the Konda Village, in this World Quest for Genshin Impact 2.0.
Explore the Bottom of the Well and complete A Strange Story in Konda World Quest, how to

As the update 2.0 of Genshin Impact is now available worldwide, lots of new quests and challenges have been added all around the Inazuma region, in which you as the Traveler can learn more about its rich history while collecting some rewards on the road.

One of these is a series of World Quests known as the “Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual”, which require a lot of effort and time from your part, as these involve you doing a lot of things in the right order, so let’s guide you to finish the first of these quests called “A Strange Story in Konda”.

A Strange Story in Konda World Quest

As this quest serves as the beginning of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual, the only thing you will need to start it will be to talk with a Shrine Maiden standing between Ritou and Konda Village, near to the waypoint close to the beaches of Konda.

Genshin Impact Strange Story World Quest 1

Here, the Maiden will ask you for help by using an Electro ability on the big Sky Kitsune Statue in front of you. You can either choose the Electro Traveler, Lisa, Fischl, or Keqing to fulfill this.

Once you do this, the statue will drop a Ward you will have to collect, then talk to the Maiden again, revealing her name to be Kazari. Kazari will then ask you to break down a mysterious barrier surrounding the Konda Village. To collect intel on how to do that, you will have to go to the village located east of the Sky Kitsune Statue.

In the village, you have to ask the locals for information about the strange happenings in Konda. The first of them will be Imatani Saburou, an old man standing close to a table filled with fish. After talking with him, you will go a few meters in front of him to talk with his wife, Salmon Eri.

Genshin Impact Strange Story World Quest 2

The last person to talk will be the Village Chief, Konda Densuke, however he will act deceptive for your questions and send you to look somewhere else around the village for evidence.

For this, you will head to Futaba, the little adopted daughter of the Village Chief.

Genshin Impact Strange Story World Quest 3

She will tell you to look for his nephew Takeru, who will be standing at the roof of a house. Takeru will tell you about strange activities whenever a thunderstorm strikes the village, and mention some artifacts that suddenly appeared around, so you will have to collect them.

In one of them, you will have to fight against a horde of Hilichurls and even a Samurai, so better be prepared.

Genshin Impact Strange Story World Quest 4

After you get all of them, you will go back with the Village Chief and show them in the following order:

  1. Purse by the Dried-Up Well
  2. Cargo Bag Fished from Water
  3. Ragged List of Goods

Konda will then proceed to tell the truth about some of the strange happenings, however since he can’t remember all the details, he will ask you for his personal diary at the rooftop of his house. The diary will point you to a location where treasure hoarders and a Samurai will be looking for something. As always, you will have to defeat them.

Genshin Impact Strange Story World Quest 5

Once defeated, you will have to look around a destroyed structure, dig in it, and you will find an Old Key. Then, you will go back to the village, and look for the Well where you found one of the artifacts. Use the key to open it, and then descend into the bottom of the well to explore it.

In the bottom of the well you will find a treasure, but also a wall cracking with Electro energy. Destroy the wall using any Elemental skill (except Electro ones) and then proceed to follow the path. At the end of it, you will find a room full of some stuff including an Electroculus, but also this purple growth of roots.

Genshin Impact Strange Story World Quest 6

Interact with this to summon a little ball of lightning, which will let you glide through the barrier at the bottom of the room. Here, you will have a puzzle asking you to Purify the zone. Activate it using the Ward from the beginning, and then look around the Red Tori with the Electro silhouette.

Using the silhouette of the Tori, you will put in order five little towers with Electro symbols. The first one will be over the Ward you put, for the second and third walk and interact with the towers in a counterclockwise direction. The fourth one will be at the first at the left of the Ward, and the final one will be the only remaining.

Genshin Impact Strange Story World Quest 7

When this is done, get ready for a fight as you will need to defeat the corrupted samurai, Ochimusha, to complete the quest. Since the area is mostly covered with water, your best option will be to use a Cryo and Electro character to beat him.

After you defeat Ochimusha, Kazari will appear again thanking you for helping her purify the Konda Village. With the quest now done, the next part of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual will be active, known as the Sacrificial Offering.

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