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Who is Alice and when will she come to Genshin Impact?

Learn all about Alice, the legendary adventurer and author from Mondstadt, including when she's coming to Genshin Impact.
Who is Alice and when will she come to Genshin Impact?

With the relaunch of Klee’s banner with the update 1.6 of Genshin Impact, many players have wondered if at some point we will have the opportunity to meet Alice, an adventurer of great skill and prestige within Mondstadt, and also the mother of Klee.

And while miHoYo has never revealed Alice's appearance, the arrival of the Midsummer Island Adventure event has caused her name to resonate again and many are asking if she could arrive in the game in the near future, so if you want to know more about Alice and her possible arrival, sit down traveler as we tell you what we know.

Who is Alice?

Genshin Impact Alice daughter Klee(Picture: miHoYo)

Alice is a famous adventurer from Mondstadt known for her free spirit, as well as being one of the most gifted within the Adventurers Guild, famous for being the author of the Teyvat Travel Guide, a series of books that act as companions to players' as they make their way through Genshin Impact.

According to the game's lore, she has been an adventurer for 50 years, a friend and rival of Mona's teacher, the Hydro astrologist from Mondstadt. On some of her travels, she passed through the Liyue region, where she met Zhongli the Geo Archon whom she called "the sternest person" she ever knew.

Alice also has a connection with Barbara, to whom she taught everything about idols, and with Albedo, the Chief Alchemist of the Knights of Favonius, and the person in charge of Klee until her return.

Genshin Impact Alice Albedo(Picture: miHoYo)

Being such a mysterious character, little is known about where she could be now, however, we know she is very good in a number of different fields such as medicine, as she is known to be capable of creating incredible potions. Her ability to detect magic when it is around her is also notable, and she is presumed an expert in alchemy due to her skills in bomb-making, a skill that Klee learned from her.

The most recent discovery about her came during the event of the Golden Apple Archipelago, being mentioned in one of the main missions where players have to search for the identity of the Dodoking, who at the end it is revealed to be Alice in an attempt to create a great summer experience on the islands for her daughter.

Genshin Impact Alice daughter Klee(Picture: miHoYo)

When will Alice come to Genshin Impact?

Now comes the big question: Will it be possible to use Alice as a playable character within Genshin Impact?

Although it is not known so far if she will be released in the game, since character launches are more focused on specific regions (the most recent being Inazuma), it is very likely that at some time, Alice will make her expected appearance, being someone with great relevance to many of Mondstadt's adventurers.

So for now, we will have to wait for her acclaimed debut, as we follow the story of the Traveler and Paimon within the game.

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