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Anthony Richardson returns as The Bad Esports Caster on GINX TV

Step aside Semmler and Quickshot, Ant is out to prove he’s the next hotshot esports caster in a brand new show.
Anthony Richardson returns as The Bad Esports Caster on GINX TV

Do you like your esports casters stripped of expert insight and riddled with elongated metaphors about cream pies? Anthony Richardson is making his natural transition from The First Hour to a new casting job on GINX Esports TV.

The Bad Esports Caster (bad as in good, he thinks) will see Ant cast some of the biggest matches in esports history — with the first episode covering the 2017 League of Legends World Championship final between Samsung Galaxy and SK Telecom.

Yes, the one with the massive CGI dragon in the opening ceremony. Who needs spectacle though when the Pick and Ban phase is just waiting to be explained? Ant has you covered. Sort of.

The first episode will release online on the GINX Esports TV website and official YouTube channel on Friday 16th April at 6pm BST/10am PT. Alternatively, check back on this post after that time and the video will magically appear below.

We’re keen to hear your feedback, so reach out in the comments below or on YouTube. If there’s a specific match Ant should be covering to pull him out of 2017 too, we’d love to hear it.

In the immortal words of Anthony Richardson: “Bingo bango, here comes the mango.”

The Bad Esports Caster lands Friday 16th April on GINX Esports TV and YouTube at 6pm BST.