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Ant and Sav face-off against the community in GINX Esports TV’s new show Ant & Sav Vs The World

Ever wanted to put your skills to the test against two formidable gaming pros? How about Ant and Sav instead? For the latter, welcome to Ant & Sav Vs The World.

GINX Esports TV is opening the doors to the community for new show Ant & Sav Vs The World. 

You might have seen Anthony Richardson and Adam Savage showcasing their gaming ‘skills’ on The First Hour, but now they’re set to face the GINX community across a number of competitive titles. 

The opening face-off will be staged in Rocket League, with future episodes seeing new teams challenge the pair across different games - including Street Fighter V and FIFA. 

So when can you catch the show? Ant & Sav Vs The World starts Thursday 9th July at 9pm on GINX Esports TV (Sky channel 433) with episodes also available to subscribers right here on the GINX website. 

Ant and Sav Vs The World GINX
Are you ready to take on Ant and Sav? (Picture: GINX) 


There’s still time to get involved with the action too, with potential players able to sign-up via the official GINX Discord channel

To take part, you have to be aged 18+ and able to play via a stable wired online connection. All games (except those which support crossplay) will be played on PlayStation 4. 

Ant & Sav Vs The World starts on Thursday 9th July on GINX Esports TV, with episodes released weekly. 


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