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GINX Esports TV joins forces with Rize Gaming for Tekken 7 tournament Final Boss

GINX Esports TV has partnered with Rize Gaming for an upcoming Tekken 7 online tournament to support British esports.

GINX Esports TV will broadcast and help create upcoming Tekken 7 tournament Final Boss with UK-based esports company Rize Gaming.

The online tournament will see eight players compete for a chance to take on one of Rize Gaming’s professional players, set to take place in the coming weeks. 

The GINX Esports TV channel, available on Sky channel 433 in the UK, and the GINX website will also be working with Rize Gaming to support the British esports community through grassroots initiatives. 

Created in 2009, Rize Gaming aims to blend their experience with highly competitive esports with innovative community projects. 

Final Boss
GINX Esports TV is collaborating with Rize Gaming for Final Boss

Solenne Lagrange, Marketing Director for GINX Esports TV, said: “Not only will GINX TV assist Rize Gaming in the making of this event, we will also promote Final Boss on our channel, across all feeds.

“Rize Gaming is one of the key actors in the development of grassroots esports in the UK. We are very happy to be among their partners.”

More details on Final Boss will be announced in the coming weeks.