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James Banks speaks with CS:GO’s biggest personalities for new series Connector

A new show dedicated to in-depth interviews with key minds from the CS:GO world launches on GINX Esports TV this Thursday.

After breaking down CS:GO maps and tournament plays on DeBrief, James Banks is leading a new show on GINX Esports TV. 

Launching on Thursday at 9pm BST, Connector sees the commentator and host interview key figures from the CS:GO world to connect you to exactly what makes Valve’s shooter the towering esport it is today.

Interviews will also go beyond their gaming careers, offering insight into the minds helping to shape the current CS:GO scene.

Connector on GINX Esports TV
Bringing you a deep dive into CS:GO's key minds (Picture: GINX) 

Each episode will focus on a different personality, with the premiere set to feature mousesports coach Allan “Rejin” Petersen. 

Future episodes will feature OG player Mateusz “mantuu” Wilczewski and more top CS:GO players and coaches.. 

Connector launches on GINX Esports TV (Sky channel 433) and the GINX website on Thursday 9pm BST, with each episode released weekly.

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